Abdel Said triumphs at Kingdom Of Bahrain Stakes For The King’s Cup.

Abdel Said of Egypt surprised home rider Ben Maher by avoiding the Briton’s second win in a row, taking a 63-cent lead in the tiebreaker. (Photo © rwhs.co.uk)


The second day of CSI 5* Royal Windsor Horse Show began with the victory of Egyptian rider Abdel Said in FEI class, surprising home rider Ben Maher, thus avoiding to add his second Births victory.

Presenting with 10-year-old mare Hope van Scherpen Donder (Quadrillo x Balou du Rouet) owned by As Sport Horses, Abdel Said took 100 World Ranking points completing his tiebreaker round in 42.23 seconds. Ben Maher, who came from yesterday’s winning, today appeared with 9-year-old gelding Don Vito (Quapirce Z x Jus de Pomme) owned by Poden Farm, to recording a time of 42.86 seconds that earned him 80 World Ranking points, in dispute of €114,500 Kingdom of Bahrain Stakes for the Kin’s Cup and the participation of 29 pairs in the regular round plus a tiebreaker round of 8 classified.

The double clear rounds continued until fourth place, being World No. 1 Kent Farrington of United States and better seeded of the class, who finished in third place with a time of 43.01 seconds with 10-year-old gelding Dublin (Cobra x Calido), followed by Nicola Philippaerts of Belgium in fourth place, marking a time of 47.72 seconds with 13-year-old stallion H&M Zilverstar T (Berlin x Cavalier).

For Pan American Ranking led by its leader Kent Farrington, also participated Canadian rider Eric Lamaze closing the jump-off round in eighth place, his compatriot Tiffany Foster occupied the 19th position with 4 faults and the American rider Laura Kraut totaled 12 faults in the 26th position.


Final Results