Abigail McArdley dominates the $50,000 CSI 2* Lugano Diamonds Prix 1.45m.

American rider Abigail McArdley dominated the tiebreaking round to beat Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade. Alexis Trosch from Argentina third. (Photo © Winslow Photography LLC)


The conclusion of the Columbus International CSI 2* 2017 at Split Rock Jumping Tour was won by American rider Abigail McArdley.

Rounding out a regular round of 56 pair on course designed by Irishman Alan Wade, Abigail McArdley dominated the $50,000 CSI 2* Lugano Diamonds Prix 1.45m, getting one of the two perfect jump-off rounds.

With 9 riders qualified for the jump-off, Abigail McArdley stopped the clock in 37.87 seconds with the 15-year-old gelding Cade (Heartbreaker x Darco), securing 50 World Ranking Points with her victory and first Grand Prix’s double clear round.

For the second place and in a good final by representatives of Latinp Ranking, Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade took second consecutive FEI class at second place with the last double clear round in 38.88 seconds accompanied by the 12-year-old mare Reus de la Nutria (Zandor Z x Kannan), worth 45 World Ranking Points and completing the CSI2* week with 90 points.

Third place was the Argentine Alexis Trosch marking a better pace on his course and even faster than the winner in 37.78 seconds, but downed a fence to total 4 fouls along with the 11-year-old mare Opaline Z (Obelix x Landgraf I), securing in its case 40 FEI Ranking Points.

Top five finishers were completed by Scott Lenkart of the United States in fourth place with the 13-year-old gelding Ziezo (Nuemro Uno x Ulft) in 4 fouls and 37.83 seconds, while fifth place was taken by the US Olympic member team Margie Engle with the 8-year-old gelding Dicas (Rhein x Cassini I) in 4 fouls and 38.03 seconds.

Among Latinos who managed to get World Ranking Points led by Emanuel Andrade and Alexis Trosch, were also Venezuelan rider Alejandro Karolyi finished seventh with the 14-year-old gelding Willow (Guidam x Little Rock) in a jump-off with four fouls and Emanuel Andrade himself repeated in box 11th, exceeding the time allowed with the 12-year-old stallion Ricore Courcelle (Quaprice Bois Margot x Alme). Out of the points were Santiago Lambre for Mexico in 17th place, fellowman Eugenio Garza was 29th, Ilan Bluman of Colombia in box 43rd and Chilean Samuel Parot who was not on best day finished 45th.


Final Results