Alberto Sánchez-Cozar and Wupp win at CSI2* Balvanera.

Mexican rider Alberto Sánchez-Cozar shone at home to get the victory in the tiebreaker round against the Ecuadorian Diego Vivero. (Photo © Archive)


Mexican rider Alberto Sánchez-Cozar shone at home to take the first victory of the CSI2* Balvanera 2017, completing a fasted jump-off round.

Completing a disputed class at the CSI2* Balvanera 2017, Alberto Sánchez-Cozar qualified to the jump-off round on course designed by German Werner Deeg along with 13 riders, after passing a regular round with 36 pairs.

None of the classified riders managed to be faster than Alberto Sánchez-Cozar and his 14-year-old mare Wupp (Colino x Grosso Z) in 52.91 seconds, a result that allowed him to add 50 World Ranking Points and his third 2017 FEI victory.

Of the 13 classified riders to the jump-off, only 7 completed two clear rounds led by world number 431 Alberto Sánchez-Cozar, while second place was by 2017 gold Bolivarian Games medalist speed class Diego Vivero of Ecuador, achieving a time of 54.38 seconds with the 11-year-old gelding Pretzel Logic (Adlantus As x Chasseur I).

Finished the top five riders Antonio Maurer of Mexico in third place with a time of 56.12 seconds next to the 9-year-old mare Chacstara 2 (Chacco-Blue x Cento), fourth place Argentine rider Fabian Sejanes with the 12-year-old mare C. Amalia Z (Crown Z x Damiro B) in 59.91 seconds and Mexican rider Nicolás Pizarro was left with fifth place accompanied by the 11-year-old gelding Barbaro (Balou du Rouet x Carthago) in time of 61.37 seconds.

The second FEI class of the CSI2* Balvanera in Mexico will be next Saturday, when they are competing in the Grand Prix to take another 50 World Ranking Points for the winner.


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