Amy Millar sweeps with Caledon and wins the $50,000 CSI2* Grand Prix.

Canadian rider Amy Millar dominated the two FEI events in CSI2* Calendon taking victory now against Rachel Cornacchia. (Photo © Ben Radvanyi Photography)


Canadian Olympic team member Amy Millar swept the two CSI2* Caledon FEI events, now winning the $50,000 CSI2* Grand Prix.

Winning a lead of 1.03 seconds in the jump-off round under course design of Brazilian Marina Azevedo, Amy Millar with the 10-year-old gelding Heros (Canadian River x Clinton I) stopped the clock in 38.05 seconds to secure 50 World Ranking Points and in fact take 100 points with its two results.

Being the first of four double clear round, Amy Millar surpassed the also Canadian rider Rachel Cornacchia, who credited the first World Ranking Points in its career along with the 8-year-old mare Valkyrie de Talma (Diamant de Semilly x Cento) in 39.08 seconds.

Among the top five were Canada’s Erynn Ballard with the 9-year-old mare Thalys Z (Thunder VD Zuuthoeve x Denard) in third place, fourth place American Shannon Clifford with the 12-year-old gelding Riesling de Milvrault (Elan de la Cour x Kessel II) in 43.01 seconds and fifth place with 4 fouls in 39.34 seconds was Canadian Jonathon Millar with the 9-year-old gelding Daveau (Zento x Glennridge).


Final Results $50,000 CSI2* Grand Prix

1.- Amy Millar/Heros (CAN)                                     0/0/38.05
2.- Rachel Cornacchia/Valkyrie de Talma (CAN)         0/0/39.08
3.- Erynn Ballard/Thalys Z (CAN)                             0/0/40.66
4.- Shannon Clifford/Riesling de Milvrault (USA)        0/0/43.01
5.- Jonathon Millar/Daveau (CAN)                            0/4/39.34
6.- Nora Gray/Dior (CAN)                                        0/8/38.05
7.- Elissa Reisman/Citizenguard Cadjanine Z (CAN)   0/8/39.02
8.- Kim Farlinger/Emergo (CAN)                               0/8/42.98
9.- Kathryn Dafoe/Eos van de Donkhoeve (CAN)            1
10.- Veronica Bot/Cool Down 3 (CAN)                           1
11.- Ian Millar/Vittorio 8 (CAN)                                     1
12.- Jim Ifko/Un Diamant des Forets (CAN)                    4