Andres Rodriguez champion who left a great legacy….

Today leaves a great athlete, a great idol, a superstar of world show jumping, but above all leaves a great human being and friend, who no doubt that great humor that characterized in uproot always a smile, will ride in the hearts of those who admire and respect.


Today was one of the most talented riders of world show jumping Andres Rodriguez, who certainly leaves a great legacy in his career and a great void in the scenes where he has always been victorious and raising the cup as the number 1. Difficult time for the global and Latin American show jumping, when Venezuela’s largest exponent of today dies in a car accident early today in Wellington, Florida.


Andres Rodriguez arm high to get the first history Pan American silver medal in the equestrian to Venezuela.

Winner of the silver medal in the last Pan American Games in Toronto, the first time a rider from his country managed such a feat was without doubt one of the most important successes achieved by “Chepito” (Andres Rodriguez) in a full success career, which earned him the admiration of many and the affection of all those who somehow knew him or were touched by his magic, love and his good sense of humor that always characterized him.


There are no words to express such an irreparable loss to one of the great promises of the world show jumper, who always took pride in their Venezuelan flag in each of the scenarios, where even blew the “Gloria al Bravo Pueblo” Hymn name their country, whenever gained a victory. They were 15 wins achieved by Chepito in 2015, the most successful of his career he had included in his resume for attending two World Equestrian games, two Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Final, a World Cup Final, two Pan American Games, three Central American and Caribbean Games, a South American and Bolivarian Games, apart from testing conquer the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington and Tryon in North Carolina, with the top two career victories, Spruce Meadows in Calgary and other important venues like the same Canada or Europe such as Italy, Ireland, England, France and Spain, as well as having earned its place for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.


His eternal companions who accompanied him in this role for each of the competitions where he left a trail of good memories and successes were Indien D’Adriers, Aberdeen 33, Da Vinci, Secret, Verdi, Fifty Fifty 111, SF Ariantha among others, Darlon van Groenhove with which the silver medal at the Pan Am and always sparring partner as was the fastest horse Caballito, with which it will certainly be more remind the Venezuelan talent in our memories, providing 14 victories in more than 36 completing ended in its history for Rodriguez, which will certainly be difficult to fill by someone who was so loved by the riders who made life in the equestrian world.


His parents, wife, brothers, relatives and close friends who know the valuable human being who leaves us, our words of condolences and always will be with your beautiful memories that fill the great void and unexpected departure, but sure where it fell from, you are riding swiftly with his arm raised in sing of victory and filled with happiness those who are watching right now or what we do from our hearts, where we’ll take forever dear friend !!!!!!!!!!.


Fly high Chepito, simply the best ……….