Bertram Allen ….. again the fastest !!!

The world’s fastest rider Bertram Allen repeated a second time in Longines Maters of Hong Kong to overcome now Speed Challenge in a duel of winners beating Briton John Whitaker. (Photo ©


In another demonstration of speed the world’s fastest rider Irish Bertram Allen sealed their second victory in the Longines Masters of Hong Kong after winning yesterday, repeated in what was a real duel winners from Allen and British veteran John Whitaker.

The winner Bertram Allen.

With the participation of 21 pairs the Longines Speed Challenge was held at a height of 1.45m and a bag to distribute $95,000 where Bertram Allen and Quiet Easy 4 (Quidam’s Rubin x Zapateado) a 12-year-old gelding owned by Quainton Stud added their second win in consecutive days, to lead the competition in time of 58.03 seconds and taking a advantage of 61 hundredths of a second on the winner of the previous class John Whitaker was presented this time with 12-year-old gelding Lord of Arabia (Cassini II x Carry) owned by P. Sultan Saud, completing the journey in 58.64 seconds.

Transforming the Challenge in a change of positions in the top three places from the previous competition, third place went to the Swiss Pius Schwizer second in the Airbus Trophy, driving the 9-years-old gelding Balou Rubin R (Balou du Rouet x Couleur-Rubin) owned by Rütimann Werner & Schwizer, overcoming the barrier of 60 seconds in 60.33 seconds.

John Whitaker and Lord of Arabia finished second.

The top five this time was completed by the French Patrice Delaveau in the fourth place with a quick round with the 14-years-old mare Ornella Mall HDC (Lando x Alligator Fontaine) in 58.46 seconds, but a knockdown was added 4 seconds for a total of 60.46 seconds, while fifth place was the Dutch Maikel van der Vleuten and 14-years-old mare Kisby (Kaiserwind x Lohberg) stopping the clock at 60.73 seconds.


Final Results Longines Speed Challenge 1.45m