Bertram Allen led Irish supremacy at CSI 3* Maters Tour Grand Prix in Eschweiler.

Bertram Allen clinched the victory at the Eschweiler Grand Prix, being clearly dominated by Irish riders with Denis Lynch in second place and David Simpson in fourth place. Rodrigo Pessoa from Brazil within the points. (Photo © Eschweiler Jumping Festival)


Speedy Bertram Allen was in charge of capturing all the important victories of the week at the conclusion of CSI 3* Eschweiler Jumping Festival, where Irish rider showed their supremacy in the dispute of Masters Tour Grand Prix.

With participation of 52 pairs, Bertram Allen and 9-year-old mare GK Casper (Canto x Quantum) put final numbers in tiebreaker round, after completing their course in 35.66 seconds to take the victory against their 10 classified rivals. With first position, Allen took 80 World Ranking points and repeated with highest distinction with same mare which they won last month at CSI 2* Kronenberg. Second place was Denis Lynch with 13-year-old mare Laubry Echo (Laubry x Feo virus) registering 36.09 seconds, third was Bruce Goodin of Nuerva Zeeland cutting the posible Irish podium, getting a time of 38.25 seconds with 14-year-old mare Centina 10 (Cento x Argentinus), while David Simpson was fourth in time of 39.75 seconds with 8-year-old stallion Keoki (Catoki x Cassini I).

For Latino Rankings Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa took 16th place alongside 12-year-old gelding Iron Chin VH Lindenhof (Chin Chin x Nimmendor), completing in 4 fouls the regular round. Out of the World Ranking points, but being very close in 17th place was Pedro Muylaert with Chacote (Chacco-Blue x Quick Star), followed by Luiz Felipe de Azevedo Filho and Chacito (Chacco-Blue x Daimler) occupying the 20th position and complete the Brazilian delegation Cassio Rivetti accumulating 12 fouls in 35th place with Lagerfeld (Lauterbach x Calvaro).


Final Results