Bertram Allen wins The Martin Collins Enterprises Christmas Tree Stakes.

The fasted Irish rider Bertram Allen won the fifth FEI class of the CSI5* Olympia London International Horse Show. Harrie Smolders of Holland in second place. (Photo © Haide Westring)


Irish rider Bertram Allen won the €25,000 The Martin Collins Enterprises Christmas Tree Stakes, being the fifth FEI class at London.

Disputing a jump-off round with 10 classified riders from a total of 22 pairs that started the regular round on course designed by Guilherme Jorge, the fasted Irish rider Bertram Allen completed his round in 30.76 seconds with the 10-year-old gelding Gin Chin van het Lindenhof (Chin Chin x Calido I) owned by Ballywalter Bloodstock, securing 50 World Ranking Points.

Achieving a new 2017 victory for Bertram Allen, the Irishman surpassed in strong jump-off fight to world number 6  Harrie Smolders of Holland, appearing with the 10-year-old gelding Cas (Indoctro x Numero Uno) to take the second place in 31.14 seconds.

In the final order, former World Ranking leader Simon Delestre of France came in third with a time of 32.63 seconds next to the 11-year-old gelding Gain Line (Stolzenberg x Raphael), fourth place for Olympic gold medalist Swiss Steve Guerdat accompanied by the 9-year-old mare Ulysse des Forets (Col Canto x Le Tot de Semilly) in 33.27 seconds and completed the last double clear round in fifth place Wilm Vermier of Belgium with the 8-year-old stallion DM Jacqmotte (Toulon x Indoctro) in 33.54 seconds.

For the Pan American Ranking, the two-time American Olympic medalist Laura Kraut with the 10-year-old stallion Viper Vrtombautshoeve Z (Zang x Verdi) take place on the jump-off, but totalized 8 fouls in 32.02 seconds to be in tenth place.


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