Christian Ahlmann with the third car in Leipzig.

In a German riders dueling the third car was delivered in the week CSI5* as first prize being the great Christian Ahlmann favored with a spectacular jump-off to lead of 30 hundredths of a second on Felix Hassman. (Photo © Stefan Lafrentz)


The third day brought another car as the main prize in the CSI5* Leipzig in Germany and with the outstanding performance by the home riders, led by Christian Ahlmann and Felix Hassman on a one-two remained animated the great fanatic who filled stage.

With a jump-off of 10 finishers, Christian Ahlmann and the horse Cornado II (Cornet Obolensky x Acobat I) a 11-years-old stallion which would mark an unbeatable time of 40.07 seconds, in close battle to overcome his compatriot Felix Hassman 30 hundredths of second slower than the winner. It Ahlmann and led the group of 50 pairs in dispute Championat of Leipzig at a height of 1.50m getting home the car in dispute, which is delivered during the third day of activities while Hassman on the 9-years-old mare Horse Gym’s Balance (Balou du Rouet x Ex Libris) would add the amount of 8,358 Euros at the end time of 40.37 seconds in the jump-off in the second position.

The third held by the Dutch Gert Jan Bruggink and 13-years-old gelding Vampire (Marome Nw x Voltaire) they succeeded thanks to strong travel time achieved in 41.22 seconds, followed in fourth place him by the Swiss Paul Estermann and the horse Lord Pepesi (Lord Pezi x Santander H) a 10-years-old gelding by stopping the clock at 42.97 seconds, completing the fifth and final double clear in the afternoon another German as was the case with Marco Kutscher with S I E C Carsten (Cassini I x Quinar) who completed their court in time of 44.11 seconds.

No luck for the two representatives of PAEC Ranking US Bliss Heers and Audrey Coulter occupying positions 24 and 25 of the final table, both with 5 fouls in their respective course.


Fina Results Championat of Leipzig 1.50m