Colombia takes the claw in the Bolivarian Games and taking gold by teams.

Hostess Colombia for the XVIII 2017 Bolivarian Games conquered the gold medal by teams in second day of competitions, Ecuador with silver and Venezuela with bronze. (Photo © Luis Barbosa)


Team Colombia completed its two clear rounds to maintain its accumulated fouls of the first day and won the team gold medal.

Led by Ruben Arroyave and his 12-year-old mare Castañuela (Chacco-Blue) with two clear round to finish Second Qualifying accumulating 0.12 fouls, the Team Colombia maintained a perfect day that the gold medal was worth in close fight against Ecuador.

Composed by Ruben Arroyave, Eduardo Nieto with the 13-year-old gelding Parlanti (Phin Phin x Kibrahim), Santiago Medina with the 13-year-old gelding Concorde (Carbano x Salient) and Juan Pablo Betancourt with the 9-year-old gelding Clovis van of Helle, gave the victory for their country at home, keeping the accumulated of 5.16 faults that brought the First Qualifier.

Not wasting spaces, lines and questions raised on course designed by Javier Medrano, the Colombians did their job very well, marking distance to their closest opponents, Team Ecuador, who would finish in 7.71 accumulated fouls.

The history of Ecuador was the same as the Colombians, completing two clear rounds, leaving in overall plan leader Diego Viveros with his 11-year-old mare Bijoux (Cartani x Athletico) after the two qualifiers, while Nicole Neidl next to the 8-year-old mare Only Love and Luis Barreiro accompanied by the 11-year-old mare Grand Corona D Heyboght (Montender x Caretano), registered their two perfect rounds to winning the silver medal, eliminating both Pablo Andrade Torres results in Round 1 with 4 fouls, as in Round 2 with 5 fouls.

For his part Team Venezuela was in third to take the bronze medal, being his best piece the young Emanuel Andrade with his 12-year-old mare Reus de La Nutria (Zandor Z x Kannan), achieving his two clear rounds and accumulate 0.01 fouls so far, placing second in the overall standing. The other rider who had an excellent performance by Venezuelans was Vicente Guillen with the 11-year-old gelding Absolut (Abeltus Z x Cheers) and also maintaining his aspirations of overall medal, to accumulate 4 faults after the two qualifiers, leaving the courses of Eduardo Cariello (0/4) with the 13-year-old stallion Qualif D’Askel (Ideal of La Loge x Bayard D’Elle*Ecolit) and Luis Fernando Larrzabal (0/18) with the 10-year-old gelding G&C Close Up ( Eurocommercer x Washington).

Colombia was left with 5.16 fouls in the first, Ecuador with 7.71 fouls in second and Venezuela with 13.82 fouls in third, the followed by Dominican Republic in fourth with 24.76 fouls, highlighting Manuel Fernández Hache (4/0) and Hector Florentino (0/4), fifth place Chile in 27.74 fouls with Benjamin Pinto (0/0) as the best for his country, sixth Peru in 39.86 fouls with good rounds of Leslie Stark Modonese (0/1) and Alessandra Battilana (0/1), Bolivia seventh accumulating 49.79 fouls with only three riders and Panama was eliminated by not being able to complete their two runs.