Constant van Paesschen the fastest at €24,600 Respect CSI4*.

Belgian rider Constant van Paesschen dominated the speed class at the CSI 4* Samorin to beat Mexican rider Eugenio Garza by just over 1 second. (Photo © Archive)


The second day of CSI 4* Samorin in Slovakia had a only one FEI event with the speed class €24,600 Respect 1.45m and the victory of Constant van Paesschen from Belgium.

Exceeding a group of 49 pairs on course designed by Italian Uliano Vezzani, the Belgian rider Constant van Paesschen was the fastest clear round next to the 10-year-old gelding Compadre van de Helle (Casall x Concerto II) owned by Stoeterij van de Helle, to secure 50 World Ranking Points with a time of 68.60 seconds.

The second place was the best Latino Ranking representative Eugenio Garza of Mexico, stopping the clock in 69.88 seconds with David and Monica Garza’s 16-year-old gelding Bariano (Jetset-D x Skippy), adding 45 FEI Ranking Points in a very good presentation.

Completed the top five finishers Rebecca Mcgoldrick of Canada taking third place with the 10-year-old gelding Horatio van Erpekom (Kannan x Udarco van Overis) in 70.86 seconds, fourth place for Jamie Wingrove of Great Britain in 71.82 seconds with the 11-year-old gelding Bart VI (Lord Z x Levantos) and fifth place for Dominique Hendrickx of Belgium in 72.26 seconds with the 10-year-old stallion Bacardi les Hauts (Rexar du Houssoit x Cavalier).

For the Latinos also stood out the Mexican rider Enrique Gonzalez finishing in seventh place, along with the 9-year-old stallion Zapzerap (Zapatero VDL x G.Ramiro Z) in 72.89 seconds. Out of the points and in a distant 30th position was the Colombian rider Rene Lopez with the 13-year-old gelding Con Dios III (Colman x Romino) totaling 5 fouls in 77.41 seconds.

US riders Chrisine McCrea and Lillie Keenan from the Pan American Ranking, were also able to complete good course. Pan American gold medalist Chrisitne McCrea was in tenth place accompanied by the 12-year-old Nektarina B (Nekton x Lancer II) and in the case of Lillie Keenan next to the 12-year-old gelding Fibonacci (For Feeling x VDL Corlando) in the 12th position.


Final Results