Daniel Coyle was one-two in the $35,000 CP Welcome Stake Section B.

The Irishman was inspired and grown to grab attention as were the top two places in the second FEI class results of the 2017 CP Palm Beach Masters. Yuri Mansur of Brazil finished third. (Photo © Lauren Baker/Phelps Media Group)


The conclusion of the first day in the 2017 CP Palm Beach Masters CSI 3* was clearly dominated by Irish rider Daniel Coyle, who would win the highest honors by taking first and second place in the speed class.

Featuring the $35,000 CP Welcome Stake Section B, the second part of the first FEI class today, Coyle sprayed the clock with an unbeatable time of 57.13 seconds with 11-year-old gelding Simba de la Roque (Kannan x Allegreto) owned by Susan Grange, but not only remained in that formidable demonstration by the Irish, would also finish second with the 11-year-old mare Cita (Casall x Pik Ramiro) owned by Sport A Media, Spol. S R.O., recording a time of 59.80 seconds and only rider who culminating below 60 seconds.

For the Latin Ranking finished with a formidable third place to add 40 FEI Ranking points, the Brazilian Yuri Mansur with the 10-year-old gelding Sire One (Silverstone x Ahorn) owned by Cristina Devincenzi. Completing an effective and fast round, the South American scored a time of 61.88 seconds, being with Alonso Valdez Prado of Peru the only Latinos riders to figure within the points. In the case of Valdez Prado, he recorded a time of 70.64 seconds with the 9-year-old gelding Chichester (Casall x Cosimo) finishing in 14th place.

Out of the points were the Mexican Eugenio Garza in 19th place with 72.16 seconds, the Argentine Ramiro Quintana followed in 22nd place with 73.87 seconds, Dominican Rogelio Pellerano got 68.40 seconds but 4 fouls send it the 32nd place escorted by Guatemalan Alvaro Tejada in place 33rd and Angel Karolyi of Venezuela in 34th, closing the Venezuelan group Daniela Stransky in position 41st with 4 fouls, Alberto Michan of Mexico in 44th with 8 fouls and his fellowman Enrique Gonzalez was eliminated.

Final Results