Daniel Coyle wins the $216,400 Scotiabank Cup at Spruce Meadows.

Again Daniel Coyle of Ireland was a winner at Spruce Meadows for his third win in two weeks. same El Daham second, Ashlee Bond third, McLain Ward fourth and Fernando Martínez fifth. (Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Service)


Irish rider Daniel Coyle made it back and added his third win in two weeks of Spruce Meadows activities, after leading the $216,400 Scotiabank Cup with the participation of 50 pairs.

The class with 18 rider classified to the jump-off, Daniel Coyle accompanied by the 11-year-old mare Cita (Casall x Pik Ramiro) owned by Susan & Ariel Grange, had an unbeaten time of 37.79 seconds, being the most important victory in the young career of the Irish of 23-year-old rider. With the result Coyle took 130 World Ranking Points.

In a group that included the three best seeders participating in the tiebreaker, the second place was for the Egyptian Sameh El Daham recording a time of 39.08 seconds with the 13-year-old mare Sumas Zorro (Ard Vdl Douglas), while third place was the American rider Ashlee Bond next to the 13-year-old mare Chela LS (Chapuitepec La Silla x Tialoc la Silla) in time of 39.66 seconds.

With respect to the best seeded, McLain Ward of United States and World number 2, occupied the fourth place with his 16-year-old gelding Rothschild (Artos Z x Elegant De L’Ile) owned by Sagamore Farm, to stop the clock in 40.30 seconds over the 40.68 seconds of the Canadian’s World number 5 Eric Lamaze in sixth place with 11-year-old gelding Chacco Kid (Chacco Blue x Come On) and Kent Farrington, World number 1, demolished to complete its field in 4 faults with a time of 40.79 seconds next to the 16-year-old gelding Uceko (Celano x Koriander) in the 12th position.

For the Latino Ranking stood out Mexican rider Fernando Martínez in fifth place with 10-year-old gelding Cor Bakker (Colandro x Quattro) in time of 40.65 seconds to take 70 World Ranking Points. On the other hand the Brazilians Pedro Veniss and Rodrigo Lambre closed the group with points by latinos, where Veniss was accompanied by the 13-year-old stallion Quabri de L’Ilse (Kannan x Socrate de Chivre) in eighth place registering 40.98 seconds and Rodrigo Lambre occupied tenth place to mark a time of 45.21 seconds with the 10-year-old mare Chacciama (Chacco Blue x Andiamo).


Final results