Daniel Deusser and Felix Hassman tied for the third round of CSI3 * Offenburg.

After winning the first two dates Pius Schwizer from Switzerland, the German riders retaliated with a draw at home and lead the Preis von TYBRA Fenster & Rolläden to give 50 points to the World Ranking to each winner. Bliss Heers in 13th and Maria Victoria Perez 40. (Photo © Achim Keller)


After Pius Schwizer of Switzerland is responsible for first two dates with resounding victories, it could not be another way to get even by German riders in CSI3* Offenburg to tie in the first position Daniel Denser and Felix Hassmann.
Representing the third day of competition the two home riders could not give the public greater joy, than a tie for first place, a situation that brings them to each competitor 50 World Ranking points and 5,535 Euros. Daniel Deusser and Felix Hassmann completed their respective jump-off fields in time of 35.59 seconds, overtaking the Dutch duo Jeroen Bubbeldam world champion and Charlotte Verhagen the third and fourth. Deusser was presented with 9-years-old mare Comtesse Vt Ertsenhof Z (Calvaro Z x Ogano Sitte) owned by Stephex Stables, while Hassmann rode the 11-years-old gelding 11 Sl Brazonado (Sl Baluarte x Silvestre).
For world champion Jeroen Dubbeldam and Camilo LS La Silla (Montebello La Silla x Cor de la Bryere) a 14-years-old stallion Mexican Alberto Michan riding in the past, seeped with a similar round like the winners in the third with time of 36.68 seconds and Charlotte Verhagen completed their court in 38.19 seconds with 11-years-old gelding Abache Hl ( Cantos x Lux).
US Bliss Heers completed a regular court 4 fouls in 65.51 seconds for the post 13 with the 13-years-old mare Contendra (Contendro I x Raphael) property Bridgeside Farms Llc, but the situation for the Puerto Rican Maria Victoria Perez was other with three takedowns and exceeding the time allowed for a total 13 fouls in 40th with Cento du Rouet (Chintan Balou du Rouet x).


Final Results Preis von TYBRA Fenster & Rolläden CSI3* 1.45m