Diego Vivero from Ecuador wins first gold medal in 2017 Bolivarian Games.

Ecuadorian rider Diego Vivero took the first gold medal in the 2017 Bolivarian Games Santa Marta in Colombia, leaving with silver medal to Emanuel Andrade of Venezuela and Ruben Arroyave of Colombia take bronze. (Photo © Luis Barbosa)


Diego Vivero from Ecuador secured the first gold medal for his country in show jumping, during the 2017 Bolivarian Games Santa Marta.

With the participation of 32 riders and representing 9 countries, the XVIII 2017 Bolivarian Games was started in Colombia, where 4 medals will be played in three days of competitions and today the Ecuadorian Diego Vivero assured the first gold for his country.

The course designed by Colombian Javier Medrano had a very competitive first class, especially in the first three positions, where the medals were played and being speed class, Diego Vivero with the 11-year-old mare Bijoux (Cartani x Athletico) stopped the clock in 64.33 seconds.

Being only the difference of 2 hundredths of a second, the winner surpasses Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade, who dominated a good part of the class with the 12-year-old mare Reus de La Nutria (Zandor Z x Kannan) and finally was hung silver medal in time of 64.35 seconds.

The first podium was completed by home rider Rube Arroyave in 64.57 seconds with the 12-year-old mare Castañuela (Chacco-Blue) to obtain the bronze medal.

Being ready for Nations Cup and second day of competition, they will be handing out the second medals, while continued the individual accumulated for 32 riders, which are now by fault conversion, being clear for Diego Vivero and Emanuel Andrade have 0.01 fouls and Ruben Arroyave with 0.12 fouls.

Up to 15th place are exactly 4 fouls including Santiago Medina from Colombia fourth (1.34), Benjamin Pinto from Chile fifth (1.41), Hector Florentino from Dominican Republic sixth (1.61), Carmen Novion from Chile seventh (1.96), Paulo Santana of El Salvador eighth (2.82), Luis Barreiro of Ecuador ninth (2.92), Manuel Fernandez Hache of Dominican Republic tenth (3.41) and the final five are from Reynaldo Daza of Bolivia (3.67), Juan Pablo Betancourt from Colombia (3.70), Maria Brugal from Dominican Republic (3.74), Eduardo Nieto from Colombia (3.88) and Venezuelan rider Vicente Guillén (4.00) in 15th place.


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