Eduardo Menezes and Caruschka dominated the double phase in Las Vegas.

Good result for the Brazilian rider adding 50 World Ranking points and becoming one of the main exponents of the La tino Show Jumping. Participation of Enrique González and Samuel Parot. (Photo © Alden Corrigan)


To mark the start of the CSI 4* Las Vegas National Horse Show, the first victory was for Brazilian Eduardo Menezes in the $35,000 Blenheim Welcome Jumper Classic, which took place at a height of 1.45m in double phase.

Driving the 12-year-old mare Caruschka (Caspar x Continue) owned by the Brazilian rider, Menezes got a time of 23.84 seconds, easily liquidating his opponents which allowed him to add 50 World Ranking points and $8,750 to occupy the first place.

Undoubtedly one of the best riders of the Latin Ranking with the greatest progress and occupying the third place in that Ranking, Eduardo continues to add good results that allow him to rise in the World Ranking and also approach dangerously to the Latin leadership, occupied by his compatriot Cassio Rivetti in the present moments.

The fight for the Top 5 was matched in two blocks, the fight for the second place and other fight for the fourth place. With a time of 26.31 seconds, the second place went to US Will Simpson and The Dude (Carry Gold x Argentinus), surpassing the Canadian Keean White and Corette (Lupicor x Clinton), owners of the third place in time of 26.75 seconds. For the fourth, Eric Navet of France recorded 28.05 seconds with Catypso (Catoki x Calypso II), closing the fifth US rider Michelle Hellers with Revenge (Quite Easy I x Robin Z 723) in 28,46 seconds.

As part of the great performance of Eduardo Menezes as the most outstanding by the Latin Ranking leading the victory, the Mexican Enrique Gonzalez knocked down a pole in the second phase, getting a high time of 35.85 seconds with Zapzerap (Zapatero VDL x G. Ramiro Z) that would serve to him finished in 21th. For its part the Chilean Samuel Parot was behind in the first phase when totalizing 4 faults with Jk Horsetrucks Chantilly (Calvaro x Lys of Darmen) being 28th.


Final Results