Emanuel Andrade closes big 2017 and wins the $30,000 UHealth Grand Prix.

Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade closed big 2017 when he won the 2018 ESP New Years Grand Prix, repeating the same victory at Wellington for the second year in a row. (Photo © Alberto Pacheco Ettedgui)


Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade culminated 2017 in the same way as he started it, winning the $30,000 UHealth Grand Prix in Wellington.

Being the final Grand Prix for the 2018 ESP New Years week, last class of the year in the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Emanuel Andrade of Venezuela repeated like at the 2017 beginning when taking the maximum honors of the $30,000 UHealth Grand Prix, leading the jump-off round this time with his 11-year-old gelding Bon Jovi (Verdi x Corland).

Winner on January 1, 2017 of this same Grand Prix, today Emanuel Andrade added his 11th Grand Prix won in the United States of America, showing the way in a disputed jump-off round, having a Latino riders starring final and a one-two for Venezuela.

Recorded a time of 43.35 seconds by Emanuel Andrade, the second place was also Venezuelan Alejandro Karolyi with 14-year-old gelding Lincourt Gino (Gino II x Graf Magna) in 45.54 seconds and third place Alexis Trosch of Argentina, marked on timers 45.97 seconds with the 9-year-old mare Cantara Z (Cadence van T Gelutt) representing the last double clear round.

The best tiebreak time was for Chilean rider Samuel Parot, finishing his round in 40.73 seconds accompanied by the 13-year-old gelding Thriller P (Cardento x Lucky Light) occupying with 4 fouls the fourth place, while Jonathan Corrigan of Ireland take the fifth place with the 8-year-old gelding Loughnavatta Indigo (Luidam x VDL Arkansas) and sixth was Alvaro Tejada of Guatemala with the 15-year-old mare Voltaral Palo Blanco (Voltaire x Contender).

The Dominican rider Hector Florentino also figured for the Latinos, culminating seventh by exceeding the time allowed and totaling 1 foul with the 10-year-old mare Heliante ter Wilgen (Chin Chin x Surrealist van’t Paradijs).


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