Emanuel Andrade gets one-two in the 2016 ESP Fall Finale.

The young Venezuelan rider was the first and second place of the $10,000 Open Stakes Class in Wellington, being the only one to complete his four courses with clear rounds. Luis Larrazabal finished third. (Photo © Archive / Che)


The conclusion of the fall season at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) began with the $10,000 Open Stakes Class dispute and the resounding victory for young Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade.

Andrade, who is completing an extensive tour this year participating in several of the world’s best show jumping competitions, including his first participation in the Olympic Games, managed to qualify for the tiebreaker with his two horses.

With a total of 16 competitors, 9 will return to define the winner, but Emanuel would not only win, he would also take second place and end up as the only competitor to complete all his fields with not fouls.

With a perfect performance for the Venezuelan representative, he took the victory with the 11-year-old mare Dipssy in a time of 39.11 seconds and finishing in second place in time of 43.21 seconds with 14-year-old gelding Walter 61.

The dominance for Venezuela was total in the Open Stake, being third Luis Fernando Larrazabal and G & C Close Up with a jump-off round of 4 faults in 39,28 seconds.

For next Sunday will be disputing the $25,000 Fall Finals Grand Prix presented by Pilates Rock, marking the conclusion of the Fall season in Wellington.

Final Results