Emanuel Andrade wins the $10,000 Open Stake Class to complete a perfect day.

The young Venezuelan rider completed a perfect day for the closing of the 2016 ESP November at Wellington, won the three class of the day in which he participated. (Photo © Jack Mancini)


A Perfect day completed the young Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade in the 2016 ESP November at Wellington, after participating in three events, closing with the $10,000 Open Stake Class, took the victory in each of these classes.

With the participation of 25 pairs was held at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, the event’s stellar class, being the triumph for Emanuel Andrade and Wicked in a tiebreaker round that had 9 qualifiers. The final round being very disputed, Andrade got the fastest time in 46.84 seconds.

Winner from start to finish, Emanuel got the first clear round of the regular round as first in the starting order, then return first to the jump-off and marking his unbeatable time on his second perfect course, with a total of two that would finish for the all competition.

Marking an aggressive rhythm, short turns and shortening beats in the first line, the rest of the classified had to be used in depth, to try to dislodge the time of the Venezuelan, which would ultimately be impossible. The second position was for David Blake and Bella Donna in time of 47.17 seconds, representing the last double clear of the Open Stake, while the third place would be for Richard Neal and Ida Gold, with the fastest time in 45.15 seconds, but a knockdown rail left him with no chance.

The Latin delegation was feeling in the competition, being the fourth place for Venezuelan Angel Karolyi with Califa LS on court with 4 fouls and 47.02 seconds, followed by Dominican Maria Brugal and Southern Comfort with 4 fouls in 49.46 seconds and closing the highlights the Argentine Carlos Quiñones in the sixth place with Yidam, accumulating also 4 faults in 49.91 seconds.

The Venezuelan rider Emanuel Andrade on the other hand lived a perfect day, gained the class for horses of 6-year-old with Aubade VA and repeated in 7 YO with Jenni’s Chance, being in both cases rounds of tie-break with clear rounds.


Final Results