Eric Lamaze settled on the $35,000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Round Two.

Canadian Olympic medalist Eric Lamaze took the first FEI victory of the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival, dominating a series where he has been the main reference. Triple tie in second place. (Photo © Sportfot)


The four-time Canadian Olympic medalist Eric Lamaze resolved with a resounding victory in a tiebreaker round and take the first FEI event of the 2018 WEF.

Always protagonist in each classes at Winter Equestrian Festival in recent years, today was no exception and Eric Lamaze dominated the course designed by Mexican Oscar Soberon that began with 109 pairs and was decided in jump-off round with 9 classified riders.

For the former World Ranking Leader and current world number 9 Eric Lamaze, his today’s victory was not strange, as he has been one of the main winners of this WEF Challenge Series, which is now presented by Equinimity dominating the $35,000 Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Round Two with the 12-year-old gelding Chacco Kid (Chacco-Blue x Come On) owned by Chacco Kid Group.

After stopping the clock Eric Lamaze in an unbeatable time of 34.68 seconds and securing 50 World Ranking points, something very uncommon was presented with the triple tie in second place between Irish Olympic medalist Cian O’Connor with the 10-year-old gelding Under Fire du Lozan (Flipper d’Elle x Eyken des Fontenis), Italian rider Emanuele Camilli next to the 14-year-old gelding Emporio van’t Roosakker (Nabab de Reve x Chin Chin) and Irish rider Paul O ‘Shea accompanied by the 10-year-old gelding Imerald van’t Voorhof (Emerald Van’t Ruytershof x Bacardi-Orange de Muze), all with the same time of 36.76 seconds.

By Latin Ranking Latin the most outstanding one was Colombian rider Carlos Ramírez occupying the 12th position with the 11-year-old stallion Happy Wandor van’t Roosakker (Wander van de Mispalaere x V Cento) in 1 fault regular round and time of 72.50 seconds. Brazilian riders Felipe Leivas da Costa with the 11-year-old mare Tosca de L’Esques (Cardento x Apache d’Adriers) ranked 13th, Celso Ariani from Brazil with the 10-year-old gelding Dali T (Phin Phin x Numero Uno) 14th and Diego Vivero from Ecuador with the 11-year-old gelding Cerano V/H Dingenshof finished in 16th place, adding all World Ranking Points with 1 fault.

Also participated by Latinos Alejandro Karolyi (VEN) 18th, Luis Pedro Biraben (ARG) 26th, Samuel Parot (CHI) 33rd, Ilan Bluman (COL) 34th, Carlos Myrrha (BRA) 53rd, Alonso Valdez Prado (PER) 58th, Juan Manuel Gallego (COL) 66th, Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) 68th, Santiago Lambre (MEX) 77th, Pedro Muylaert (BRA) 78th, Eduardo Menezes (BRA) 79th, Vasco Flores (PUR) 91st, Freddie Vazquez (PUR) 92nd, Eugenio Garza (MEX) 94th, Felipe Amaral (BRA) 95th, Stefano Baruzzo (ARG) 102nd, Gustavo Prato (ARG) 103rd and Jorge Matte (CHI) eliminated.


Final Results