Eugenio Garza in Latino supremacy won the $35,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3*.

Mexican rider Eugenio Garza led Latino supremacy at Kentucky after the winner was escorted by Colombian Roberto Teran in second place and by fellowman Santiago Lambre in third place. Pablo Barrios of Venezuela followed the Latino party in sixth place. (Photo © Leonore Phillips)


The second date for the CSI3* Kentucky Spring Classic with Rolex Stadium as main stage was the $35,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic, valid for Hagyard Challenge Series and total domination by representatives of Latino Ranking led by Eugenio Garza from Mexico, who added his fifth FEI victory.

With a total of 61 pairs encouraging the regular round on course designed by Bernardo Costa Cabral of Portugal, Eugenio Garza was able to add 50 World Ranking points, after stopping the clock in 39.33 seconds with 9-year-old stallion Armani SL Z (Asca Z x Cumano), for a jump-off round consisting of 12 riders. The strategy that worked perfectly for the young Mexican, who now occupies 8th place in Latino Ranking and 115th worldwide, is undoubtedly the main reference of Mexican equestrian show jumping internationally being this, the second time that he wins with Armani SL Z, after shining in August 2016 at Williamsburg.

The great emotions continued in each one of the competitors that entered to the jump-off, but the total dominion on part of the Latin riders, continued in the position table with Colombian Roberto Terán occupying the second place next to 11-year-old gelding Il Rubacuori (Reab x Heartbreaker’s Nabab) in 40.29 seconds, while another Mexican rider took third place with Santiago Lambre alongside 9-year-old gelding Dingeman (Nintender x Darnels) with a time of 40.57 seconds.

Also scored FEI Ranking points by Latinos, Pablo Barrios of Venezuela finishing sixth with 13-year-old mare Zara Leandra (Metropole x Ahorn) completing his perfect pitch in 41.12 seconds and Brazilian Luiz Francisco de Azevedo who did not get his pass to jump-off round, ranked 15th with 10-year gelding Collin (Colandro x Amethist). Out of the points were Argentina’s Gustavo Prato in 18th place, fellowman Ignacio Maurin followed in box 24th, Paulo Steward of Brazil in 30th position and Ramiro Quintana of Argentina in 48th place.


Final Results $35,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic CSI3*

Armani SL Z / Eugenio Garza / El Milagro / 0 / 39.33
IL Rubacuori / Roberto Teran / Roberto Teran / 0 / 40.29
Dingeman / Santiago Lambre / Santiago Lambre / 0 / 40.57
Quidam’s Good Luck / Aaron Vale / Troy Glaus / 0 / 40.69
Cornetiero / Mavis Spencer / Mavis Spencer / 0 / 40.78
Zara Leandra / Pablo Barrios / Pablo Barrios / 0 / 41.12
Esprit / Sloane Coles / The Springledge Group / 0 / 43.3
Cantara 59 / Sarah Segal / Robert Segal / 0 / 43.35
Chance Ste Hermelle / Michael Morrissey / QBS Equestrian LLC / 0 / 43.72
Famoso D Ive Z / Sharn Wordley / Sharn Wordley & Sky Group / 4 / 38.62
Finou 4 / Aaron Vale / Thinkslikeahorse & Don Stewart / 4 / 40.07
Carlchen W / Alex Granato / Page Tredennick / 4 / 40.78