Felix Hassman retaliates with SL Brazonado.

Following wins for German riders Felix Hassman retaliates by losing the previous class by 30 hundredths of a second and now claim victory beating Austrian Max Kühner on speed class. (Photo © Stefan Lafrentz)


The third day in the CSI5* Leipzig was for riders of house which matured in the two important class arranged with Felix Hassman prime plan, after he placed second to first time behind Christian Ahlmann, now victory takes with the horse Brazonado SL (SL Baluarte x Silvestre) competing in speed class at a height of 1.45m.

In a time of 51.08 seconds Hassman managed to add 50 points to the World Ranking to make a lead of 49 hundredths of a second on the Austrian Max Kühner and the horse Clooney (Cardento x Voltaire) a 13-years-old gelding completing their course in time of 51.59 seconds. Meanwhile Hoger Wuischener of Germany took third place with the horse BSC Skipper (Stolzenberg x Lord Liberty) in 51.85 seconds, leaving the representative of Poland Jaroslaw Skrzycznski ranking fourth with 11-years-old stallion Ares (Cantanis x Arak) only one hundredth of second above in 51.86 seconds.

Finally the fifth place was occupied by the Dutch Maikel van der Vleuten in time of 51.89 seconds with the 14-years-old mare Kisby (Kaiserwind x Lohberg) that marginalized of the top five US Bliss Heers in the sixth place and ending with the most outstanding and unique representative of the PAEC Ranking with Contendra 22 (Contendro I x Raphael) a 13-years-old mare at time of 52.71 seconds.



Final Results Wernesgrüner Zeitspringen 1.45m