France solid in the Gijon’s Nations Cup.

France dominated the FEI Nations Cup Banco Sabadell Prize accumulating 4 faults and surpassing the Netherlands, who completed their presentation in 8 faults. (Photo © PDM Gijon)


Team France after completing a perfect first round, secured the victory in the FEI Nations Cup Banco Sabadell Prize at Gijon.

Composed by Kevin Staut with the 12-year-old gelding For Joy van’t Zorgvlet HDC (For Pleasure x Heartbreaker), Edward Levy with the 11-year-old stallion Sirius Black (Calisco du Pitray x Laudanum), Grégory Cottard with the 12-year-old mare Regate d’Aure (Robin II Z x Drakkar des Hutins) and Nicolas Delmotte with the 9-year-old stallion Ilex VP (Diamant de Semilly x Darco).

Completing a perfect first round, France secured their win with a second 4 fouls round, being led by Nicolas Delmotte with the first of four double clear rounds by riders that finished the Nations Cup, accompanying him Kevin Staut with his clear round in the first round and Edward Levy doit in the second round.

The second place was taken by the Team Holland, completing their two rounds in 8 fouls with a perfect second round and being the most prominent Roelof Bril next to the 12-year-old gelding Arlando (Harley VDL x Animo), represented the second double double clear round.

Ireland took third place with accumulated 12 fouls, having the same reaction of team Holland, after they passed in 12 faults the first round and at clear the second round, emphasizing Shane Breen with the 9-year-old stallion Ipswich van de Wolfsakker (Carembar of Muze x Quick Star) as the third double clear, while Canada seized the fourth place accumulating 13 fouls with a formidable second clear round for Yann Candele next to the 11-year-old gelding Chaventyno (Chacco-Blue x Aventyno).

The last rider to get his two perfect rounds was Briton Ben Maher with the 10-year-old mare MTF Madame X (Continio x Corland), to qualify Team Britain in fifth place, being his total of 20 faults.

Mexico with Jose Alfredo Hernandez (17/9), Enrique González (4/4), Patricio Pasquel (4/4) and Federico Fernández finished sixth, achieving a large accumulated of 24 fouls.

They followed by Germany in seventh with 28 fouls, Spain was eighth with 29 fouls and Egypt finished ninth with 18 fouls, but only in their first round.


Final Results