France wins the Nations Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

Totalizing 4 faults France surpassed Qatar with accumulated of 8 faults and Italy taking the third position with a total of 12 faults. (Photo © UAE President Cup)


The delegation of France took the victory in the Nations Cup of the United Arab Emirates when totalizing 4 faults in its two rounds.

After completing a first round of 4 fouls, the perfection of the French team would arrive for the second round with Philippe Rozier being the first double clear of the competition, followed by the clear round of Frederic David, Adeline Hecart shot down a pole to eliminate its result of 4 fouls and closed Patrice Delaveau with the second double clear of the Cup, to complete the perfect round of the winners.

The second position was for Qatar with accumulated of 8 faults, happening a first phase of 4 and repeated for the second phase with the same 4 faults integrating the team by Hamad Al Attiyah, Khalid Al Emadi, Faleh Al Ajami and like more outstanding with the third and last double clear round of the competition for Sheikh Ali Al Thani. With respect to the third place finished in the power of the Italian team with a total of 12 faults and conformed by Michael Cristofoletti, Paolo Paini, Francesco Turturiello and Emilio Bicocchi, finishing in a closed fight after completing the first round in 4 faults, but yielding ground in the second pass with 8 fouls, losing to French and Qatar.


Final Results