Gerardo Menendez surprised at the Funeraria Gijonesa Grand Prix.

Spanish rider Gerardo Menendez surprised at home to win the first class of CSIO5* Gijon. (Photo © Maria Roca)


The Spaniard Gerardo Menendez surprised at the €153,700 Grand Prix presented by Funeraria Gijonesa, taking victory in a one-two Spanish.

The joy was evident among the crowd, after enjoying and observing the one-two by the house riders, being commanded by world number 343 Gerardo Menendez and escorted by the Amazon Laura Roquet.

Completing the two rounds in 56.43 seconds, Gerardo Menendez and the 12-year-old stallion Cassino Dc (Cassini I) secured 130 World Ranking Points with their result, achieving an adjusted 10-cent advantage ahead of the also Spanish Laura Roquet with her 10-year-old mare Sandi Puigroq (Diamant de Semilly), who like Gerardo Menendez, got the best result of her career.

Perfection ran out of top five, where Louise Saywell from Britain took third place with the 15-year-old gelding Tin Tin (San Patrignano Mister), fourth place Victor Bettendorf of Luxembourg with the 11-year-old stallion Sorbier Blanc (Jericho Pierreville) and fifth place Tobias Meyer of Germany with the 12-year-old mare Avanti (Quattro).

For the Latino Ranking obtained World Ranking Points Patricio Pasquel of Mexico occupying the ninth place next to the 10-year-old gelding Babel (Billy du Lys), accumulating 8 faults in 51.84 seconds and his fellowman Enrique González with the 10-year-old mare Chacna (Chacco-Blue) were ranked 15th in a first round of 4 fouls. Also the Canadian by Pan American Ranking Chris Pratt finished 14th with 10-year-old gelding Concorde (Vaillant) in the same 4 fouls and 85.57 seconds.

No chance of points by Latinos were Dayro Arroyave of Colombia in 20th with 9-year-old gelding Uciano de la Botte (Luccianno) and Mexican Federico Fernandez in 26th place with the 15-year-old gelding Landpeter Do Feroleto (Landritter) totaling the same 8 fouls.


Final Results