Hamburg Diamonds champions of the 2017 Global Champions League.

The Hamburg Diamonds team was named champion in Doha of the Global Champions League totaling 312 points. (Photo © Stefano Grasso)


The Hamburg Diamonds team was named 2017 Global Champions League champions in Doha, to conclude the season with an exciting final.

Having managed to maintain themselves throughout the season in a close fight with the Valkenswaard United team, the Hamburg Diamonds led today by four-time Canadian Olympic medalist Eric Lamaze and world number 6 Harrie Smolders of the Netherlands, surpassed the 14 leg season leaders, but today they won the championship with accumulated of 312 points.

After an unengaging first competition for the 9 faults of Eric Lamaze with the 14-year-old mare Fine Lady 5 owned by Artisam Farms Llc & Torrey Pines Stables, the Canadian rider show his class in the second competition to register a perfect round in 76.38 seconds, while Harrie Smolders with the 13-year-old stallion Don VHP Z owned by Copernicus Stables LLC, did so in 79.58 seconds for a grand total of 9 fouls in 155.96 seconds, which allowed them to finish in fifth place of the GCL Doha, last leg of the calendar.

With today’s result the Hamburg Diamonds completed 312 points for this season, followed in second place by Valkenswaard United team with Alberto Zorzi from Italy and Bertram Allen from Ireland, resulting in today’s winners, but depended on the final location of the champions, who secured an advantage of only 4 points (308).

In short, the champions dominated a total of three legs by four of the runners-up, but they achieved four times the second place by Diamonds and only twice in the case of United.

The third place went to Mexico Amigos team with 250 points, four place St Tropez Pirates with 244 points and fifth the Miami Glory team with 241.5 points.

There were 15 legs between 18 teams, where the highest commitment will be for Moscow Bears, last in the order with only 92.5 points, being the Top 10 finisher completed by London Knights in sixth place, Doha Fursan Qatar seventh, Rome Gladiators eighth, Paris Panthers ninth and Shanghai Swans tenth.


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