Ireland for the second year in a row wins the $150,000 FEI Nations Cup at Wellington.

With 4 fouls Ireland added his second victory in the WEF surpassing to United States of America. Brazil with accumulated 16 fouls finished in third place. (Photo © Sportfot)


For the second year in a row the Irish team won the $150,000 FEI Nations Cup at Wellington, FL featuring by Shane Sweetnam, Paul O’Shea, Conor Swail and Olympic medalist Cian O’Connor.

With a perfect first round, Ireland appeared for the second round matched with Brazil, while the United States came with 5 fouls, focusing the main fight between these three nations. The other classified for the next round were Great Britain and Argentina tying with 16 fouls, leaving Canada very distant with 17 fouls, despite having three of its Olympic representatives.

Venezuela and El Salvador did not make the pass for the second round, leaving 22 fouls by South Americans with Emanuel Andrade (12), Alejandro Karolyi (18), Juan Ortíz (6) and Pablo Barrios (4), in the meantime Central Americans with Paulo Santana (17), Diego Muyshondt (7) and Juan Manuel Bolaño (6) totaled 30 fouls.

In the second round, the Irish assured the win with 4 fouls to accumulate that amount in their two rounds, highlighting for Paul O’Shea with Skara Glen’s Machu Pichu (Silverstone x Matterhorn) and Cian O’Conor with Seringat (Chef Rouge x Guillaume Tell) completing both his two double clear rounds. The United States returned with 8 fouls to totaling 13 fouls and move Brazil to third place, being US in second place in a team composed by women, being the most outstanding Catherine Tyree and Bokai (Up to Date x Olimpic Ferro) with the last double clear round of the night.

The Brazilians who grew up after completing their first round with three consecutive clear rounds, could not keep up the perfect performance with a total of 16 fouls in the second round and totaling the same to finishing third with Yuri Mansur (0/4), Pedro Muylaert (0/4), Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (0/12) and Eduardo Menezes (16/8).

Argentina finished sixth with 43 fouls, including Ignacio Maurin (10/10), Gustavo Prato (4/16), Luis Pedro Biraben (8/8) and Ramiro Quintana (4/9), escorting to Great Britain who accumulated 28 fouls in Fourth place and Canada registering 36 fouls in fifth place, when Emily Moffit (4/0) by the British and Captain Canada Ian Millar (4/1) by the Canadians was the best for their teams.

Final Results