Ireland grew up in Ocala to win the $100,000 FEI Nations Cup.

The Irish accumulated 12 fouls to overtake the United States with 16 fouls and Canada with 24 fouls. Participation of Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador and Venezuela. (Photo © ESI Photography)


Again the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping arrived to Ocala, FL, with the protagonism of the Irish team, dominating for the second time of its three editions that takes the fair in the series HITS Ocala Winter Festival.

With the participation of 7 countries, a new edition of the Nations Cup was held valid for the classification of the North America Group to the grand final that will be held in September at Barcelona.

In the course designed by the Brazilian Marina Azevedo was disputed the $100,000 FEI Nations Cup with victory for Ireland accumulating 12 faults. Starting with the clear round of Shane Sweetnam and Chaqui Z (Chacco-Blue x Quinar Z), the winners of the first and now third Nations Cup in Ocala, completed their first round in four fouls, thanks to Kevin Babington’s 4 fouls and clear round of the Olympic medalist Cian O’Connor, dismissing the 12 fouls of Richie Moloney. For the second round there were 8 fouls with 4 of Sweetnam, followed by 4 of Babington and Shorapur (Stakkato Gold x Drosselklang II), again 12 fouls for Moloney and Carrabis Z (Canabis Z x Grannusso), leaving everything in the hands of O’ Connor, who would not be disappointed when he hung his second clear round with 11-year-old gelding Seringat (Chef Rouge x Guillaume Tell) securing the victory for his country.

Cian O’Connor and Seringat securing victory for Ireland.

The second position was of the United States with accumulated of 16 faults, after that they passed the first round in 8 faults with the clear rounds of McLain Ward and Bezzie Madden, plus the 8 faults of Lillie Keenan. The second round repeated the 8 fouls with 4 of Ward and Rotchild (Artos x Elegant de l’lle), 4 fouls for Lauren Hough and Cornet (Cornet Obolensky x Caletto I), eliminated the 4 faults more slow by Keenan and leaving to the great star Elizabeth Madden hang double clear round with Breitling LS (Quintero x Accord II), to dreaming for a moment with a draw in case O’Connor of Ireland did not complete his perfect course.

Third place went from Canada with 24 fouls, with the third and final double clear round of the competition by Tiffany Foster and Victor (Elmshorn x Grandeur), while eliminating the 8 faults of Amy Millar in the first round that culminated in 12 Faults for Canada and the second pass, Elizabeth Gingras repeated the 8 fouls with Captain Canada Ian Millar repeated his 4 fouls of the first round, totaling the same 12 faults in the second round.

The Latino teams did not have much luck in such a complicated course, leaving most of the teams with a high accumulation of fouls with Mexico being the best in fourth place with total of 28 fouls. Conformed by Arturo Parada Vallejo (0/13), Alberto Sanchez-Cozar (12/4), Gustavo Ramos (4/8) and Eugenio Garza (4/8), the Mexicans need good results in the remaining Cups, if they want to attend again to Barcelona, where they have managed to displace for 2 years in a row the Canada Team.

For its part Colombia finished fifth with accumulated of 52 fouls being Fernando Cárdenas the most outstanding with rounds of 8 and 4 fouls. Juan Manuel Gallego (8/8) and Roberto Terán (12/12) completed the rounds of 28 (first round) and 24 fouls (second round) for the Colombians who did not count on the contribution of Manuel Torres retiring in the first round and not participating in the second course.

Venezuela and El Salvador would only participate in the first round, with Emanuel Andrade standing out for Venezuela with the only clear round of his country with Ricore Courcelle (Quincy x Alme), followed by 28 fouls by Angel Karolyi and the elimination of Daniela Stransky that provoked the not entry of Pablo Barrios to be far in the account with respect to the other countries. For Salvadorans had Paulo Santana as the most prominent with 12 fouls, followed by the 16 fouls of Juan Bolaños and 21 of Diego Muyshondt.


Final Results