Jamal Rahimov repeated for the second week of the 2016 Spring MET.

Again the rider from Azerbaijan takes the victory in the same event in the first week to repeat now in the second week in Oliva Nova. Yves Houtackers Netherlands second and Zoe Conter of Belgium third. (Photo © 1clicphoto)


For the second day of the first week at the Oliva MET 2 valid for 2016 Spring MET conducted in Oliva Nova, Spain, was again winner of the competition in consecutive weeks the representative of Azerbaijan Jamal Rahimov and the 12-years-old horse Excenel V (Thunder Van De Zuuthoeve) with a flawless tiebreaker.

Completing his presentation time 39.69 seconds Rahimov managed to score 50 points again FEI World Ranking for the month of February, which would certainly make up some steps to the next measurement Ranking, which today occupies the 240 position a cumulative total of 595 points. For the second completing a tour in 41.33 seconds in the jump-off the Dutch Yves Houtackers with Abrisco (Sam R) and Zoe Conter from Belgian stopped the clock at 41.99 seconds with the 10-years-old mare Soory De L’Hallali owned by Stephex Stables to be the owner of the third place.

Completed the top five in the fourth with the Italian Alberto Zorzi and Ramiro Cruise (Ramiro B) a 10-years-old horse in time of 43.93 seconds, leaving Michel Robert of France and Undiams de Varenne (Diamant De Semilly Sf) with more than the previous of 44.77 seconds without demolition on the fifth place.


Final Results Class 32- C.H.G. 1.45m