Jimmy Torano at the top of the $35,000 Douglas Elliman 1.45m Classic.

Second win in the week for Jimmy Torano, but first in FEI test by beating Margie Engle with a 2 second lead. Roberto Terán inside the points. (Photo © Sportfot)


The penultimate day of the CSI 4* WEF 8 in Wellington started with the $35,000 Douglas Elliman 1.45m Classic and the victory for Jimmy Torano in speed class.

Completing its course in 64.53 seconds, Torano and the 11-year-old mare Betagravin (Quasimodo Z x Grandeville) owned by Missy Clark & North Run, took 50 World Ranking points to overcome US Margie Engle by a little more than 2 seconds, who set a time of 66.61 seconds with 17-year-old stallion Bockmanns Lazio (Lancer II x Cor de la Bryere) owned by Elm Rock LLC.

The final classification for the top five was made by Richie Moloney of Ireland in third place with Ypaja Yando (Quinar x Lasino) in 66.77 seconds, fourth place German Markus Beerbaum and Charmed 2 (Chacco-Blue x Plural) in 67.15 seconds, finishing in fifth place the American rider Laura Kraut in time of 68.85 seconds with 11-year-old mare With Touch S (With Cento x Capitol I).

For the Latin Ranking it was only within the FEI Ranking points Roberto Terán of Colombia in 16th place, in a field of 4 fouls with Il Rubacouri (Naba de Reve x Heartbreaker). Out of the points were, but escorting to Terán, Yuri Mansur of Brazil in 17th pplace and Pablo Barrios of Venezuela in the 18th position, both with 4 faults as well, while Brazilians Eduardo Menezes and Paulo Steward followed in the 20th and 23rd. For his part, the Puerto Rican Freddie Vazquez finished 25th, Jorge Matte of Chile in 28th, Diego Vivero of Ecuador in box 41st, Juan Ortiz of Venezuela was in the 34th place, José Roberto Reynoso of Brazil was followed by 35th, Axel Barrios of Guatemala was eliminated and the Mexicans Eugenio Garza and Alberto Sánchez-Cozar retired.


Final Results