Julien Epaillard triumphs at €30,000 Gold 4 – Grand Prix Oliva Nova.

Frenchman Julien Epaillard took another victory in the CSI2* Oliva, becoming the main figure of the Spanish Show. (Photo © 1clicphoto.com)


Frenchman Julien Epaillard was again the main figure of the CSI2* Oliva, this time winning the €30,000 Gold 4 – Grand Prix Oliva Nova.

Under the course design by Christian Wiegand for 53 pairs, a total of 11 riders returned to the tiebreaker, where Julien Epaillard made clear who commands the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour and added a new victory with the 10-year-old mare Toupie de La Roque (Kannan x Reve Nabab), result that awarded 50 World Ranking Points.

With a time of 39.53 seconds, Julien Epaillard set the best time between the 7 double clear rounds that completed the jump-off, beating Belgian rider Constant van Paesschen and his 10-year-old gelding Compadre van de Helle (Casall x Concerto II ) in 40.26 seconds, while the Top 5 was completed in third place by Niall Talbot of Ireland with the 13-year-old gelding Character (Carano x Liatos) in 41.26 seconds, fourth place for Govett Triggol of South Africa in 41.66 seconds with the 11-year-old mare Wolke 334 (Quinar x Acord II) and best representative of the Pan American Ranking Emily Short of the United States was in fifth place with the 11-year-old gelding Beaumont W/V (Ukato x Corland) in 43.26 seconds.

By the Latino Ranking his leader Pedro Veniss of Brazil managed to add World Ranking Points in ninth place, accompanied by the 10-year-old stallion Tresor de Varende (Esprit de Conquete x Apple de River), completing his jump-off round in 4 fouls and 42.72 seconds. Out of the points Argentine rider José María Larocca finished with his 9-year-old stallion Diablo Blanco (Chacco-Blue x Cento) totaling 19 fouls in 45th place and Caio Carvalho Filho with the 11-year-old mare Sun Flower du Theil (Allegreto x Revel Quidam) retired.


Final Results