Kamil Grzelczyk wins the first class of the CSI4* Poznan.

Polish rider Kemil Grzelcyk took the first home win in a speed class beating Michael Kölz of Germany. Reed Kessler of United States fourth. (Photo © Asia Bręklewicz)


Polish rider Kamil Grzelczyk had the first home win, with the Big Tour CSI4* Poznan taking a fast round in a 58-pairs event, completing his field in 64.20 seconds.

With speed class in dispute Kamil Grzelczyk accompanied by the 10-year-old gelding Wibaro (Balou du Rouet x Graf Quidam), got the best time of the competition to take 50 World Ranking Points, achieving a lead of 1.37 seconds before the German rider Michael Kölz, who introduced himself with the 13-year-old stallion FST Dipylon (Dinglinger x Lavall I) and in third place settling a time of 66.57 seconds Thierry Goffinet of Belgium with the 11-year-old stallion Navarro UK (Darco x Rox De la Touche).

For the Pan American Ranking, the American rider Reed Kessler stood out in fourth place, registering a time of 67.10 seconds with the 12-year-old KS Stakki (Stakkato Gold x Silvio I), achieving 35 World Ranking Points. Out of the points were Karina Aziz of Canada in 37th place in field of 4 fouls and the American rider Katherine Dinan completed her field in 8 fouls to occupy the position 45th.


Final Results