Kent Farrington point high in the 15th IJRC Rolex Top 10 Final.

Number 2 in the world ranking and leader of PAEC Ranking, Farrington just adds one of the most important victories of his career with Voyeur simply against the best in the world. Simon Delestre second and Daniel Deusser third. (Photo © Dirk Caremans)


At a party where only missed Beezie Madden and McLain Ward of the United States of America to have the best riders in the world gathered in the same event, it was held on 15th Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final, with the presence of the top 10 ranked the Standing Rolex and Kent Farrington as the main figure.


Kent Farrington kisses the precious cup, won for the first time ever by an American rider. (Photo © CHI de Geneve)

When all the eyes are on the world No. 1 Scott Brash, winner of 1 million euros bonus for the first time in the history of the Rolex Grand Slam who taking all three major events in Geneva, Aachen and Spruce Meadows, and also appearing as the defending champion IJRC Rolex Top 10 Final in 2014; He could be none other than Kent Farrington, world No. 2 who would arrebatase victory to not complete a perfect year in various events Rolex of this 2015.


For Farrington who is presented with the 13 years old gelding Voyeur (Tolano Van’t Riethof x Goodwill), owned by Amalaya Investments, completed a perfect day to perform two clear rounds in 37.54 seconds unbeatable situation that it allowed him to 150 points to the World Ranking and 110,000 Euros in the first place. It certainly was not easy to overcome not only Brash, but also a group of competitors who had 8 of the top 10 in the world among 10 participants, plus the number 11 and number 13 in the world, as were Germany Daniel Deusser and Lucian Diniz of Portugal, the latter winning the Longines Global Champions Tour this year.

Scott Brash can not repeat the 2014 championship in the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final. (Photo © CHI de Geneve)

With only three double clear on the end result, second place went to Frenchman Simon Delestre, who has had a last quarter year of major success to taken up No. 4 in the FEI Ranking. To Delestre next to mackerel castrated 10 years Hermes Ryan (Hugo Gesmeray SF x Ryon d’Anzex), it no choice but to watch the winner and only fast approaching difference of more than one second and stop the stopwatch in 38.97 seconds . In the third place and trying to get back to the top of the German Daniel Deusser Ranking and First Class will Eeckerlghem (Balou du Rouet x Feinschnitt I Vd Richter), gelding 10 years and owned by Stephex Stables – Jos Lansink, managed an excellent result with two perfect rounds in 39.36 seconds.

Simon Delestre observed that the result is in second place. (Photo © Dirk Caremans)

Needing all competitors to maximize the use of their exemplary not only for their quality but also for being the fastest riders of the discipline, the fourth place went to Germany’s Christian Ahlmann and Codex One (Contendro 3 x Glueckspilz 14), knocking a stick in his second round and scoring a time of 39.34 seconds. Meanwhile the fifth place went to the French rider and world No. 3 Penelope Leprevost with the effective 10 years old mare Flora de Mariposa (For Pleasure x Power Light), leaving only three hundredths of a second behind Ahlmann and also ending in 4 fouls and 39.37 seconds.

Daniel Deusser of Germany third with First Class van Eeckelghem. (Photo © Dirk Caremans)

The great expectation of the public that focused on whether he could repeat his title this year from last season by Scott Brash, only reached him the opportunity to occupy the sixth place with the 13 years old big winner Hello Sanctos (Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Nabab of Reve) ownership of Lord & Lady Harris & Lady P Kirkham, from his first round at clear round and then complete the second round in 40.75 seconds and 4 fouls.

Luciana Diniz satisfied with her second round at not faults. (Photo © Dirk Caremans)

The first round was completed imperfectly by Luciana Diniz with 8 faults and Ludger Beerbaum with 4, while the second round featured with four clear rounds including one of Diniz and Fit For Fun (For Pleasure x Fabriano), but both end closing the standings in the 9th and 10th.

Kent Farrington on son of Tolano van T’Riethof. (Photo © Dirk Caremans)

A curious in one of the most emblematic year testing data, there was no presence of a son of Diamant de Semilly, as producer of the year winner in show jumping, being the son of Tolano Van’t Riethof the winner of today. Meanwhile Balou du Rouet had two of their son in competition, as For Pleasure, but without much luck.



Final Results 15th Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final 1.60m