Laura Kraut the fastest of $35,000 Illustrated Properties 1.45m WEF 7.

Conclusive demonstration of US rider Laura Kraut with Nouvelle and Confu to settle the speed class ranking first and third. (Photo © Sportfot)


US Olympic medalist Laura Kraut today delivered a resounding demonstration of speed at the $35,000 Illustrated Properties 1.45m at week 7 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL to get first and third place.

Evolving with the 13-year-old mare Nouvelle (Solitair x Contango) owned by Evita Group, Kraut set a time of 56.43 seconds to earn 50 World Ranking points with the first place on court designed by the American Anthony D’Ambrosio to a total of 54 pairs. On the other hand Laura obtained the third best time without demolitions with 10-year-old gelding Confu (Contact Me x Cambridge) owned by St. Bride’s Farm, registering a time of 58,22 seconds to monopolize the protagonism of the class.

Second place was the Irishman Richie Moloney with 10-year-old stallion Ypaja Yando (Quinar x Lasino) owned by Equinimity LC, finishing his course in 57.17 seconds, while the group of Top 5 finishers completed in fourth place by Georgina Bloomberg with Manodie II H (Carthago x Zeus) in 58.22 seconds and fifth Adrienne Sterlincht marked a time of 58.312 seconds with Raia D’Helby (Fergar Mail x Papillon Rouge).

By the Latin Ranking none of its representatives managed to finish within to the FEI Ranking points, being the Brazilian Yuri Mansur the best placed in the 19th position with 1 lack by time with Chaganus (Chaco-Blue x Carthago). The fastest was the Venezuelan Emanuel Andrade getting the third best time of the competition with Reus of the Nutria (Zandor Z x Kannan) in 57.90 seconds, but it demolished the penultimate obstacle of the route that sent it to position 23th. The Mexicans Alberto Michán were presented in the 25th place, Enrique González of 44th and Arturo Parada Vallejo in box 50th. Samuel Parot of Chile retired.


Final Results