Luis Sabino Gonçalves grown at home wins CSI 3* Grand Prix 1.50m – Vilamoura World.

Big surprise at home with the victory of the Portuguese Luis Sabino Gonçalves against the Dutch Charlotte Verhagen and the British Ellen Whitaker. Tomas Couve Correa from Chile seventh. (Photo © Vilamoura Equestrian Center)


With the participation of 45 pairs, the €25,000 CSI 3* Grand Prix 1.50m – Vilamoura World was held and the surprise victory by the house rider Luis Sabino Gonçalves with 11-year old gelding Scott Egyptian Empire (Lord Calando x Nidor Platiere ) owned by Equivarandas.

After completing the regular round, a total of 7 riders returned to the tiebreaker where the Portuguese marked the pace of the competition in 43.32 seconds, a result that allowed him to add 50 World Ranking points. Not too distant in the second place was Charlotte Verhagen of the Netherlands with 12-year-old gelding Abache HL (Cantos x Lux) registering 43.84 seconds, while completing the Top 5 in the third place the British Ellen Whitaker in time of 45.42 seconds next to the 8-year-old gelding Arena Uk Winston (Waldo Van Dungen x Hamilton Tropics), fourth culminated Radovan Sillo of Slovakia aganizing a time of 50,86 seconds with the last double clear of the class in the company of 9-year-old stallion Isidor Carcaletto (Cardinal I x Concorde) and fifth place Briton Laura Renwick with 8-year-old stallion Top Dollar VI (Dollar du Murier x Darco), downed a rail in 47.04 seconds.

For the Latin Ranking Chilean Tomas Couve Correa got his pass to the jump-off, but finished in 4 fouls and 54.16 seconds with 10-year-old gelding To Jump de Kerglenn (Cassini II x Diamant de Semilly) in seventh place. For their part, also scored points for Brazil’s Felipe Ramos Guinato ranking in ninth, completing his regular round in 4 fouls with 10-year-old mare Quidam’s Gray Lady (Quidam’s Rubin x Eiger I), while fellowmen Nando de Miranda takes possession of the 14th place with 9-year-old mare Czarina Jmen (Clavigo Jmen x Contender) with 4 fouls. Out of the points were Brazilians Luiz Felipe de Azevedo in 18th place and Cassio Rivetti in box 24th with 5 and 8 fouls each, Mexican Alberto Harari retired, same fate as the Chilean Bernardo Naveillan.


Final Results