Maikel van der Vleuten perfect in Derby Region des Pays de La Loire.


The Dutch rider Maikel van der Vleuten appeared as the only perfect round at Derby of CSI 5* Longines Jumping International de La Baule. (Photo ©


The Dutch rider Maikel van der Vleuten appeared as the only rider to complete his perfect round during the development of the €40,000 Derby Region des Pays de La Loire with the participation of 22 pairs, in what was undoubtedly a very complicated course designed by Frédéric Cottier.

Presenting with 11-year-old gelding VDL Groep Quatro (Quaprice Boimargot Quincy x Caletto I), van der Vleuten secured his victory in perfect pitch and time of 147.29 seconds. Although the great majority of the participating riders got a mere final time than the winner, it was the perfection of its execution which allowed him to add 50 World Ranking points. The second place was Constant van Paesschen of Belgium, being penalized with 1 foul to exceed the allowed time and completing in 151.58 seconds next to 10-year-old gelding Hamlet VD Donkhoeve (Lord Z x No Limit) his presentation.

Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann from Germany, who finished third in a time of 154.32 seconds with 2 fouls in company of 10-year-old mare Chloe (Chippendale Z x Quicksilver), while the two best times of Derby were French rider Julien Epaillard with time of 129.00 seconds plus 8 fouls in 11th place and with 135.02 seconds another French representative Mathieu Billot occupying fourth place with 4 fouls.


Final Results