Marilyn Little with solid victory in the $35,000 Hollow Creek Farm 1.45m Classic.

American rider Marilyn Little returned to her winning track in the second’s Hollow Creek Classic Series class at WEF 2018, beating Wilton Porter in a long jump-off round. (Photo © Sportfot)


American rider Marilyn Little got her second victory of the Hollow Creek Classic Series, dominating the jump-off round in 36.23 seconds.

After passing a regular round with 75 pairs, a total of 28 riders assured their classification to the jump-off, but 26 would return led by the two-win Pan American Eventing gold medalist Marilyn Little with her 11-year-old gelding Clearwater (Clearway x Come On) owned by Karen O’Connor.

Being a disputed second class in the tiebreaker round, 12 of the riders would get double clear round in the $35,000 Hollow Creek Farm 1.45m Series, valid for adding World Ranking Points and of which 50 points were for the winner Marilyn Little to beat also American eider Wilton Porter with his 11-year-old gelding Delinquent JX (Darco x I Need You), completing his tiebreaker in 36.65 seconds.

The Top 5 on course designed by Mexican Oscar Soberon for conclusion of the Winter Equestrian Festival 2018 Week 2, was completed by British rider Emily Moffitt recording an excellent week with her third position with the 12-year-old Galip (Nonstop x Feo) in 37.09 seconds, the best Latin Ranking representative Eduardo Menezes of Brazil finished fourth with the 12-year-old mare Irminka (Irco Mena x Tinka’s Boy) in 37.20 seconds and fifth three times Olympic medalist and world number 3 McLain Ward in time of 37.23 seconds with the 11-year-old mare Handy van HD (Tinka’s Boy x Nabab by Reve).

Likewise, Alonso Valdez Prado from Peru ranked ninth along with 10-year-old gelding Chichester 3 (Casall x Cosimo) in a time of 38.79 seconds, Vasco Flores from Puerto Rico followed him in tenth place with 40.89 seconds next to 13-year-old gelding Balou 660 (Balou du Rouet x Ramiro) and Brazilian rider Carlos Myrrha finished 11th with the 9-year-old gelding Quintender LS (Quidam de Revel x Contender) in 41.17 seconds. Also Alejandro Karolyi added World Ranking points with the 15-year-old gelding Lincourt Gino (Gino III x Graf Magna) knocking down a pole in 38.41 seconds.

Out of the points by the Latinos finished Elisa Uribe from Colombia in 17th place, Gustavo Prato from Argentina 29th, Mexican Eugenio Garza 33rd, Juan Manuel Gallego from Colombia 39th, Fabio Leivas Da Costa from Brazil 66th, Stefano Baruzzo of Argentina 67th, Chilean Jorge Matte 70th, Puerto Rican Freddie Vazquez 73rd, Argentine Luis Pedro Biraben 74th and Alvaro Tejada of Guatemala retired.

The Hollow Creek Farm Classic Series have Todd Minikus winning the first week and now Marilyn Little took the second week of a total of 12.


Final Results