Martin Dinesen Neergaard seized the Grand Prix at the CSI3 * Villamoura.

Another Swiss who achieved victory in Grand Prix held in Europe, with the winner Martin Dinesen Neergaard beating the Irish Anthony Condon. Brazilian Stephan Barcha finished seventh. (Photo ©


The Vilamoura Atlantic Tour ended with the victory of Swiss Martin Dinesen Neergaard in the realization of the Grand Prix CSI 3*, getting concluding his presentation in time of 47.31 seconds during the tiebreaker.

Appearing with exemplary Woulon L, Neergaard managed to get a small advantage over the Irish Anthony Condon and Aristio, who escorted them in the second position in time of 48.18 seconds and clear round, while third place was the Belgian Celine Schoonbroodt-de Azevedo and Alia Simara in time of 49.45 seconds.

Ranking delegation for Pan American and Latino rider have two Brazilians were their representatives and Stephan Barcha best with a seventh place and the horse Landpeter Do Feroleto, knocking a stick in the jump-off with 4 faults in 46.57 seconds. Meanwhile outside the points in 18th place ended Luiz Felipe Azevedo with Chaccomo completing a regular round of 5 faults in 81.91 seconds.


Final Results