Martin Moschini the great of the General San Martín Grand Prix.

Argentine rider Martin Moschini showed off at home to take one of the most important Grand Prix victory of his country. (Photo © Hector Garrido / Che)


The Argentine rider Martin Moschini was great to add one of the most important victory of his career in the General San Martin Grand Prix.

Being the Club Aleman de Equitacion gives way to the Grand Prx that awarded World Ranking Points and where Martin Moschini was awarded 50 points at the end in his first place, left without chance with his doble clear round in course designed by Italian Elio Travagliati.

The two rounds of great emotions and a crowd good presence witnessed of great performance by world number 1,505 Martin Moschini with his 13-year-old mare Winbishi Caloudina.

Registering the first FEI victory in his career, Martin Moschini a tireless worker of equestrian  show jumping, saw at last the result of his work with such a strong victory, completing the first round in 1 failure and the second again exceeded the time allowed to record 1 foul and total 2 fouls in 56.17 seconds.

For second place Martina Campi was very close to snatch the victory to Martin Moschini, but ultimately stopped the clock in 58.94 seconds with the same 2 fouls, accompanied by the 13-year-old stallion Resistire Piam, worth 45 World Ranking Points.

The top five finishers of the Grand Prix were completed by Carlos Peña in third place with the 12-year-old mare GP LLavaneras Clearway in 4 fouls and 53.83 seconds, María Ganzabal in fourth place with the 16-year-old stallion Bandurria Hulmen in 53.26 second plus 5 fouls and fifth place for Justo Albarracín with the 8-year-old mare Santa Rosa Valery in 5 faults with 53.62 seconds.

After adding his first FEI victory Martin Moschini will be climbing positions for next month at the Longines FEI World Ranking, where already in 2009 at Haras El Capricho he had achieved his best result with a second place.


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