McLain Ward and HH Carlos Z opening the Wellington Masters.

After winning last Sunday at the Winter Equestrian Festival the pair McLain Ward / HH Carlos Z, formally inaugurated with an emphatic victory the Wellington Masters World Cup in its first edition. Alberto Michan from Mexico flew to finish in second place. (Photo © Rebecca Walton)


The first edition of Wellington Masters valid for the World Cup could not start otherwise to reckon with the victory of one of the greatest exponents of world show jumping and one of the leading figures in the history of American show jumping as the number 8 of the world McLain Ward.

Won last Sunday at the Winter Equestrian Festival, Ward maintained his pace and winning streak by winning the first class disputed on the Masters, accompanied by HH Carlos Z (Chellano Z x Voltaire) a 14-years-old gelding owned by Double H Farm, filling time 60.29 seconds in speed class, where disputed the CP $35,000 Welcome Stake 1.45m.

Strong and close fight at the World Ranking first valid points, with 50 points who won the two times Olympic medalist and Pan American gold medalist, followed by Latin Ranking best representative of the Mexican Alberto Michan in the second position. Michan has set his sights on keep climbing steps and establish itself as the best rider of his country at the present, he came to the competition with 9-years-old mare Dutch Cinda Alda Z (Dutch Capitol Holst x Silbersee  Holst) owned by Ilan Ferder completed their course in time of 61.13 seconds, while third place to complete the podium with the US Quentin Judge and HH Whisky Royale (Wonderful van’t Beugelhof x Kannan) an 11-years-old gelding owned by Double H Farm recording 61.95 seconds.

Great atmosphere and spectacular scenery of Wellington Masters completed his first class with the German Christian Heineking in her fourth place and US rider Laura Kraut in the fifth.


Final Results CP $35,000 Welcome Stake 1.45m