McLain Ward command the $130,000 Suncor Winning Round.

American McLain Ward command in the International Ring to add a new victory at Spruce Meadows. (Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Service)


Three-time US Olympic medalist McLain Ward command the $130,000 Suncor Winning Round in the continuation of the Masters Tournaments.

Getting a good result for his account this month, world number 3 McLain Ward was presented with the 15-year-old gelding HH Carlos Z (Chellano Z x Voltaire) owned by Double H Farm, managing to secure 100 World Ranking Points.

After completing his winning round in 55.11 seconds, McLain Ward maintained a good lead over Egyptian rider Dame El Dahan who finished second with the 10-year-old mare WKD Diva (Balledado x T Hors La Loi II) in 55.82 seconds and Spruce Meadows’ biggest winner Eric Lamaze of Canada was once again close to top honors, but he finished in third place with 11-year-old gelding Chacco Kid (Chacco-Blue x Come On) in 56.37 seconds.

For the top five finishers two of the best Amazons are in charge of the fourth and fifth place, with Portuguese Luciana Dinia, winner this week, to owner the fourth place with her 18-year-old stallion Winningmood (Darco x Cassini I) in 58.86 seconds and four-time Olympic medalist Beezie Madden recorded a time of 59.77 seconds with the 8-year-old gelding HHS Hercules in fifth place.

For the Latino Ranking an effective Yuri Mansur of Brazil finished seventh in a field of 4 fouls and 57.54 seconds with the 10-yesr-old gelding Inferno (Incolor x Italic des Salines) to be the unique that added points, while his fellowman Eduardo Menezes did not participate in the winner round with accumulated 8 fouls in 18th place along with the 8-year-old mare Carushka 2 (Caspar x Continue).


Final Results