Mexico dominates FEI Nations Cup Coapexpan.

The hosts dominated second leg of a total of three for North American League, Central America and The Caribbean, to climb to second place. (Photo © Anwar Esquivel)


Team Mexico integrated by Antonio Maurer, Patricio Pasquel, Federico Fernandez and Antonio Chedraui, accompanied by Chef d’Equipe Juan Manuel Cossio, take victory at home to be main protagonists of second leg of FEI Nations Cup Northern North America, Central America and the Caribbean League, with today’s result climbing to second place.

With 16 fouls in there two rounds for a very complicated course designed by Brazilian Guilherme Jorge, Mexicans were commanded by first rider in star order Antonio Maurer, Latino Ranking No. 13 obtaining 1 fault in each of his rounds with 11-year-old gelding Galileo de Laubry (Cardento I x Askan de Lauzelle). Patricio Pasquel eliminated his first run of 12 fouls, but secured a good second round with 10-year-old gelding Babel (Billy du Lys x Hogh Flyer) for 4 fouls, while Federico Fernandez and 15-year-old stallion Landpeter Do Feroleto (Landritter x Wangmix) responded with 5 fouls in his first round and 5 for second, which ensured the victory. The fourth and last rider Antonio Chedraui was the only Mexican’s clear round in first round with 11-year-old gelding Ninloubet (Nintender x Galoubet) and his participation in second round was not necessary, as they assured the victory with previous presentation of Fernandez, leaving Team Mexico with a first pass of 6 fouls and second of 10 fouls.

For second place the United States and League leaders, after two sleeves were in a close fighting against hosts team, completing their presentation of 17 fouls, only 1 more than the winners, being composed by Peter Lutz (4 / 12), Quentin Judge (1/4), Adrienne Sternlicht (4/4) and Alison Robitaille (8/0), last one being the only clear round for US with 12-year-old gelding Ace (Berlin x Irco Polo).

Canada ended in third place with a 25 fouls first round to forget, their grand total of 34 faults, yielding to Mexicans in general standing, which gives two place for FEI Nations Cup Final in Barcelona, Spain in September month. Christopher Surance (12 /4), Vanessa Mannix (12/5), Ali Ramsay (13/16) and last one in order Keean White, was the most prominent alongside 12-year-old gelding For Freedom Z (For Pleasure x Baloubet du Rouet), completing there two rounds in 1 foul and clear round.

After two matches with CSIO 4* Coapexpan, the final event will be in Langley, Canada next month to determine the representatives in Final of Barcelona and having to date United States with 180 points in first, Mexico with 170 points in second, Canada with 160 points in third and fourth El Salvador with 55 points.


Final Results