Mexico strongly in the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Children’s Nations Cup.

With perfect day, Mexico was entitled for the second time in Hollow Creek Farm FEI Children’s Nations Cup represented by Franco Pérez Huesca, Nicole Velazco, Jose Maria Quintana and Luciana Gonzalez Guerra. United States finished second and Brazil third. (Photo © Hector Garrido / CHE)


It consolidated over the years the Hollow Creek Farm FEI Nations Cup in Wellington, was dedicated this week to see in the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center the best emerging talent in the American Region.

This time it was the turn for the Children, where nine nations entered the court in pursuit of victory. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador for South America, Mexico through Central America, the United States and Canada for North America, and closed group with two European teams as were Denmark and Ireland.

The Team of Mexico won for the second time in Children.

The first round left three teams tied in first place with not faults accumulated, with the United States, Brazil and Mexico which took edging favorites. Not far with 4 fouls were  Ireland, but more complicated to aspire for the triumph results were Argentina with 10 faults, Ecuador and Colombia with 12 fouls, Denmark with 19 and Canada was eliminated.

The first clear round of Mexico hung by Francisco Huesca, followed by Nicole Velazco, Jose Maria Quintana and closed Luciana Gonzalez the perfection. The situation was the same for Brazil with Carolina Chade, Philip Greenlees, Octaviano Vilaca and Lys Katherine Park all with clear rounds, while the United States with Catalina Peralta, Ava Caster, Ellie Ferringno and Genevieve Munson ended without toppling.

For the second round everything is centered between the three perfect selections, one being the main protagonist, after Mexico revolted and scored his second flawless round, repeating its clear Huezca, Velazco and Quintana, ensuring victory and no need to enter for Luciana Gonzalez. It was thus exploited the public support for the winners to date totaling two titles in the category, with his previous win in the 2014 edition.

The second position is ultimately take her United States completing the second round in 4 fouls, but the excitement had to wait until the last competitor, as marked clear round again Peralta and Caster, but 4 faults from Ferrigno, leaving the responsibility to Genevieve Munson which end up accumulating 26 faults and their course would be eliminated in the result.

The podium from left to right with the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

In third place Brazil is quickly dismissed with the first two riders, who completed them travels in 4 fouls each in performances Carolina Chade and Philip Greenlees, approached the fight for second when dialing a clear round young Vilaca, but 8 faults by Lys Park, accumulated end with 8 faults in the second round, same amount for the global.

The rest of the positions would have to Ireland in fourth place with total of 11 penalties, 4 in the first and 7 fouls in the second round, followed by Ecuador that pulled in the second round of eight faults for a global of 20, the sixth was Denmark which although finishing in 4 fouls the second round, 19 in the first round was difficult to discount. The last three positions are occupied with Colombia in the seventh and 26 fouls (12/14), eighth place Argentina with 27 (10/17) and closing Canada that had been eliminated in the first round.

Final Results Hollow Creek FEI Children’s Nations Cup