Nigel Coupe won The Al Shira’aa Derby in Hickstead.

The Briton Nigel Coupe won for the first time the prestigious Derby to command the one-two by the home riders plus a third in triple tie. Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas of Brazil tied for seventh place. (Photo ©


With great atmosphere disputed The Al Shira’aa Derby, the most important event of the week of The Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby Meeting and first victory for 27-year-old Briton Nigel Coupe, result that allowed him to add 100 World Ranking Points.

After several attempts in the famous Derby for Nigel Coupe, became one of the two classified to the tiebreaker round in course designed by Philip Kevin Bywater with the participation of 26 pairs. Featuring with the 14-year-old gelding Golvers Hill (Ricardo Z x Clover Hill) owned by Susan Simmons, Coupe was able to clinch a 4-foul lead to beat Harriet Nuttall and the 13-year-old gelding A Touch Imperious (Touchdown x Cavalier Royale), who completed the jump-off with 8 fouls.

It was not usual to see perfect course in the very complicated Derby, after the first two perfect positions, third place was taken by Holly Smith also of Great Britain, completing the one-two-three for the home riders, recording a triple tie with the same number of 4 fouls alongside the Irish riders Dermott Lennon and Billy Twomey. Smith appeared with the 9-year-old gelding Quality Old Joker, while the Irishmen were accompanied by 11-year-old gelding Gelvis Touch in case of Lennon and the 14-year-old gelding Diaghlev for Twomey.

For the Latino Ranking Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas participated, who finished with 8 fouls for a quintuple tie in seventh place, being accompanied by the 14-year-old gelding Wilexo (Phin Phin x Calvados), representing 45 World- Ranking Points its result.


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