Pablo Barrios with three gold medals in the Central American Games.

The Venezuelan rider was the best of games with three gold medals and one bronze with mare Zara Leandra. (Photo ©


by Alejandro Pacheco/


Xalapa, Mexico.- In his fourth participation in the Central American Games, Pablo Barrios of Venezuela won four medals in the competition, leading his country who was the big winner in Veracruz 2014. Riding mare Zara Leandra (Metropole x Ahorn), the first gold medal and fourth in his history of the games, won the speed challenge with the best time of 73.35 seconds.

Thirty-three competitors turned out for the first competition on the course designed by Javier Fernandez and the Dominican Republic’s Hector Florentino was the second with Unico, owned by Stravinsky’s Mission Farms, Inc. with 73.66 seconds in a good court, obtaining the silver medal. The bronze went to Colombian Roberto Teran and Woklahoma in 73.92 seconds.

For the second day was the turn for the Nations Cup (Team Competition) and Venezuela was the favorite’s reach with the lowest accumulated fouls, accomplished after the first day of the games. Things get complicated for leaders who lost ground and first position, completing the first round with 4 fouls and Colombia scored three clear rounds, to pass the test command and take an important step in finding the gold medal. While the fight for gold centered between Venezuela and Colombia, Domincan Republic culminated in the fourth behind Guatemala, but keeping hopes to qualify for the Pan American Games, the first four of whom earned their ticket to Toronto.

With Mexico was out after the first round, many emotions would live in the final round Dominican Republic watched Guatemala’s Team with two clear rounds to claimed the bronze medal and Mexico surpassed the team of the Enchantment Island, getting their quota to Canada and leaving out those who had started in the third position. Now Colombian sought gold with his first rider Daniel Bluman finishing in clear round, but Venezuelan’s Andres Rodriguez did the same for a good star. The balance was in favor of Venezuela with Emanuel Andrade and second clear round, while Ricardo Villa of Colombia Team finished with 8 faults. The third round even more complicated to Colombia with Mauricio Guevara and 4 fouls like Angel Karolyi of Venezuela, leaving the scene to Roberto Teran and Pablo Barrios.

First Barrios drew his third clear round of the games and claimed gold for his country, which came from behind the Venezuelan’s team over Colombia and thus the second gold medal for Pablo Barrios.

The last day of competitions the Grand Prix with two rounds and the over all give the last two medals of the Games, only with three double clears in the Prix, the medals were determined at the jump off. First in the court Venezuelan rider Angel Karolyi and Indiana 127 with very fast and leading time of 30.77 seconds. Second was Mexican rider Gonzalo Azcarraga and Quite Nice 5, a mare with 8 years, they rode also very fast in 29.66 seconds, getting the lead and the final the winer time. Then triple gold medalist Barrios who won the over all before the jump off with four clear rounds in three days of competitions and last chance to win the fourth gold medal, but down the first fence and only one in the whole week to setting for the bronze medal.

For Pablo Barrios in its fourth participation in the history of the Central American Games and the strongest and best edition, Barrios culminated with four medals, three gold and one bronze, establishing itself as the best rider of the event.