Patrice Delaveau closes with a flourish in the €350,000 Longines Grand Prix CSI5 *.

To close a nearly perfect week for the French rider, Delaveau went with two first and a second including the principal Grand Prix reversing the outcome of yesterday with Simon Delestre occupying second place. Lauren Hough fifth. (Photo © Longines Maters Paris)


No doubt the week CSI5* Longines Paris Masters was a success for French riders and especially for Patrice Delaveau, who finished first appearing in two places and a second place, including the main event, the €350,000 Longines Grand Prix.


Patrice Delaveau lifted the winner cup enshrined Longines Grand Prix at the Paris Masters.

With the participation of 45 pairs it in the Grand Prix begins at a height of 1.60m in course designed by Luc Musette, with 16 competitors qualification to the jump-off who would deliver everything to seek willing 115,500 Euros for the winner, which a total of 150 valid World Ranking points will also lead.


Being the last place and to give more drama to the final outcome of the Grand Prix, Patrice Delaveau came with 11 years old gelding Lacrimoso three HDC (Landjunge x Cascavelle), scoring a perfect course to the final jump, where he was a great silence to flip the board and see 36.08 seconds would give his second win of the week, much to the euphoria of the crowd with a one-two French.


Delaveau with its fast beats tour who coincidentally had snatched the top spot yesterday Gucci Gold Cup, compatriot and World No. 4 Simon Delestre. Appearing this time with the 10 years old gelding Hermes Ryan (Hugo Gesmeray SF x Ryon d’Anzex), Delestre had marked the jump-off lie in a time of 37.94 seconds, unbeatable until the arrival of the final competitor in final set left him in second place.

Simon Delestre celebrating its clear round carrying him into first place. In the end he finished second.

For the third Irishman Billy Twomey and Tinka’s Serenade (Tinka’s Boy x African Drum), a veteran 18 years old mare and great companion of Twomey marked an accurate 38.00 seconds, ticking away on the Dutch Maike van der Vleuten, third yesterday, but now in fourth place with VDL Groep Arera C (Indoctro x Voltaire) 13 hundredths of a second up in clear round course.

Great performance by Ireland Billy Twomey, third in the Grand Prix.

Completing the highlights five best representative PAEC Ranking, Lauren Hough from United States of America with its ever faster 11 years old mare Ohlala (Orlando x Cardento), owned by The Ohlala Group getting 85 points Ranking FEI with the fifth position completing court with not faults in 38.47 seconds.

Lauren Hough and Ohlala culminated fifth.

The two top seeds for the class in regard to the World Ranking not have things in their favor in the test, Kent Farrington world No. 2 and leader of PAEC Ranking was 13th with Voyeur (Tolano van ‘t Riethof x Goodwill ) in 4 fouls and time 38.80 seconds to his jump-off. Meanwhile the world No. 1 Scott Brash would have worse luck with Hello M’Lady (Indoctro x Baloubet du Rouet) in a complicated presentation of 14 faults in the regular round to finish at number 41.

Maikel van der Vleuten and VDL Groep Netherlands Arera C.

For Latinos the best of delegation was Brazilian Stephan Barcha and Landpeter Do Feroleto (Landritter x Wangmix) classified the jump-off and completing with 4 faults in 40.80 seconds in place 15th. The Argentine Jose Maria Larocca could not move to the decisive round with Cornet du Lys (Cornet Obolensky x Champion du Lys) at the end with 4 faults in the regular round and put 24th. Pedro Veniss in 26th and Bernardo Alves of Brazil 36 both from Brazil went scoreless to the World Ranking.



Final Results €350,000 Longines Grand Prix CSI5* 1.60m