Pedro Veniss extends his lead as the leader of the Latino Ranking.

Brazilian rider Pedro Veniss further extended his lead in July to continue for the second month in a row as the Latino Ranking leader. (Photo © Archive)


The Brazilian rider Pedro Veniss maintained his leadership of the Latino Ranking for second month in a row, accumulating very interesting results during July.

After taking a big leap last month and dethronating Pedro Veniss to the Chilean Samuel Parot as the Latino Ranking leader, he now further expands his lead thanks to a series of excellent results that he was even able to climb 9 positions in the World Ranking and Ranked 31st among the world’s best riders.

Adding a total of 385 points in the last standings, Pedro Veniss took the victory in the $380,000 Pan American Cup at Spruce Meadoes and added some good points with his participation in the FEI Nations Cup of Hickstead, where Brazil was the big winner.

Samuel Parot of Chile, who is now 330 points clear of the leader, is his accumulated 1,665 points for 1,995 points of the Brazilian, not achieving the former leader of the Latino Ranking add points since June 8, rescuing from the date as best results two third places for Samuel Parot at CSI5* Aachen.

Changes in the Latino Ranking were shown in two good reactions for Brazilians Marlon Modolo Zanotelli and Yuri Mansur, climbing to the third and fourth place, where the former Ranking leader Marlon Modolo Zanotelli has placed 15 points below the Chilean Samuel Parot, while Yuri Mansur who managed to climb to 32 positions in the World Ranking emphasizing his victory in the Longines King George V Gold Cup in Hickstead, is only 5 points below his country man and 20 of Parot, which has closed a strong dispute in the overall standing.

Other moves in the Top 10 were Carlos Lopez who dropped from third to fifth, Mexican Santiago Lambre with a formidable incursion at CSI2* Williamsburg in Michigan managed to climb from 95 to 81 in the World Ranking is secured and maintains the sixth position of the Latino Ranking, as the Brazilian Eduardo Menezes not to move from seventh place.

For the eighth Juan Manuel Luzardo of Uruguay he managed to keep up his good results by accumulating 100 points in Calgary, allowing him to climb in the World Ranking and get closer to the Top 100 in the 106th place. Brazilian Rodrigo Lambre maintained his ninth place and Patricio Pasquel of Mexico was back two places until the tenth.

With respect to the Latinos who made up the select group of the best 20 classified, the Brazilian Cassio Rivetti returned to the good results and rose from 15th to 11th, Eugenio Garza from Mexico did from box 14th to 12th and his compatriot Fernando Martinez from 17th to 13th. Colombian rider Rene Lopez went up two places until 14th, Emanuel Andrade of Venezuela was down two places until the 15th, Brazilian Felipe Ramos Guinato fell 5 to 16th, completing the Mexican representatives the remaining places with the return to the Top 20 of Jaime Azcarraga in box 17th, Federico Fernandez climbed a position to 18th, Nicolas Pizarro improved two positions until 19th and Antonio Maurer with a big downfall falling from 11th to 20th.