Penelope Leprevost led the CSI 3* Grand Prix of Z-Tour at Belgium.

French rider Penelope Leprevost and Ratina d’La Rousserie commanded the Grand Prix with a time of 37.93 seconds. Participation of Joao Victor Castro and Adir Abreu Junior of Brazil, Rene López of Colombia and Ernesto Canseco of Mexico. (Photo © Z-Tour)


French rider Penelope Leprevost World No. 12 take victory with 12-year-old mare Ratina d’La Rousserie (Madame Genevieve Megret’s Quaprice Bois Margot x Apache d’Adriers) after dominating a regular round with 58 pairs and a tiebreaker round of 6 classified.

With only three double clear rounds in the CSI 3* Grand Prix – 1m50 of Z-Tour at Belgium, Penelope Leprevost led the group in decisive round by stopping the clock in 37.93 seconds, thus securing 50 World Ranking Points. Gert Jan Bruggink of the Netherlands followed her in second place in time of 38.61 seconds with 11-year-old gelding Connelly 2 (Calvados Z x Jalisco B) owned by Stal Het Oosterbrook & EAC, remaining in third place and last double clear round Belgium Karel Cox with 15-year-old gelding Cor van de Wateringhoeve (Zuuthoeve Thunder van x Darmen Lys) in 38.75 seconds.

For Latino Ranking got points to World Rankings the Brazilians Joao Victor Castro in ninth place and Adir Abreu Junior in 11th position, registering first-one a time of 74.55 seconds being penalized with 1 foul to exceed the time allowed of regular round with 11-year-old gelding Quentin PJ (Quidam of Revel x Shield 19), while Abreu Junior was equally fortunate to be penalized with 1 foul, but in time of 75.41 seconds with 10-year-old gelding Hunter van het Indihof (Bentley van de Heffinck x Mr. Blue). Without being able to score FEI Ranking points, Rene López of Colombia finished 28th with 8 fouls with 13-year-old gelding Con Dios III (Colman x Romino), while Mexican Ernesto Canseco retired.


Final Results