Philipp Weishaupt with the European Championship International class.

German rider Philipp Weishaupt won the two phases international class at European Championship. (Photo © Archive)


German rider Philipp Weishaupt won the International Class at European Championship with a €25,000 prize in two phases.

With 41 riders participating and World Ranking Points, Philipp Weishaupt secured 50 points alongside 11-year-old gelding Carvagio Z (Caritano Z x Balotaran Z) owned by Chris Ruysen & Ken Ruysen, completing his presentation at 25.75 seconds.

The class that is part of the calendar in the European Championship, when the different riders can participate with other horses than the Championship, Philipp Weishaupt was able to cross the course designed by Louis Konickx to beat the Austrian rider Christiasn Romberg and his 10-year-old gelding Corbusier (Cristallo x Casco), obtaining a time of 26.40 seconds.

They were followed to complete the Top 5 in third place by Nadja Peter Steiner of Switzerland with her 13-year-old mare Celeste 26 (Casall x Landgraf I) in 26.73 seconds, fourth place was Antonio Matos Almeida of Portugal in 26.78 seconds with the 16-year-old gelding Nikel de Presle (Kannan x Fennec) and fifth-place the Portuguese Luis Sabino Gonçalvez in time of 27.29 seconds with the 10-year-old stallion Teck from Riverland (Quick Star x Cincaba Rouge).

The best seed of the class was the Spanish rider and World Number 9 Sergio Álvarez Moya, finishing in 19th place with the 8-year-old gelding Luchino (Lucciano), completing its two phases in 32.69 seconds.


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