Ramzy Al Duhami opens LGCT Shanghai 2017 party.

Victory for Saudi Ramzy Al Duhami in double phase surpassing Irish rider Darragh Kenny and French Roger-Yves Bost. Participation of Eduardo Menezes and Jose Alfredo Hernandez Ortega. (Photo © Stefano Grasso)


The first day of 2017 Longines Global Champions Tour in Shanghai began with the dispute of Class 1 in double phase, where representative of Saudi Arabia Ramey Al Duhami was in charge with the victory to open the party.

Marking the third leg of calendar, Al Duhami got a time in his presentation of 25.48 seconds next to 11-year-old stallion Garlic v. Kapelhof (Tauber van het Kapelhof x Orlando), adding 50 World Ranking points plus a prize of €8,250 by overcoming in close fight Irishman Darragh Kenny and Frenchman Roger-Yves Bost. Kenny, who finished second, got a time of 25.73 seconds with 9-year-old mare Chanel (Challan x Lordanos), while “Bosty” stopped the clock in 25.94 seconds to take third place with 14-year-old stallion Pegase du Murier (Delphi x Le Tot de Semilly), completing Top 5 German rider Marcus Ehning in fourth place in time of 26.50 seconds and Ben Maher of Britain fifth in 26.64 seconds.

For Latino and Pan Am Ranking were not able to score any of their representatives, being Teddy Vlock of the United States the best located in 25th place and by Latinos Brazilian Eduardo Menezes with 4 faults in the first phase finishing 31st with 9-year-old mare Caruschka 2 (Caspar x Continue), followed by Mexican Jose Alfredo Hernandez Ortega totaling 8 fouls in 40th place with 16-year-old gelding Grupo Prom Jack (Ovatio x Heartbreaker).

The two best seeds of class were very distant in final classification, being German rider Daniel Deusser World No. 3 the owner of 44th position and World No. 2 American Kent Farrington, escort him in 45th position with totals of 8 and 10 faults each in the first phase.


Final Results